Okay, but have you considered: Marius as the world’s awkwardest vampire.

You know what though, the more I think about this the more sense it makes. Marius Pontmercy

  • Is already a “Baron”
  • Wears all black
  • Only goes out at night
  • Has one Romance and one Germanic language down; can easily find some place with empty castles
  • His father-in-law has slept in a coffin
  • Has a track record of reworking his ethical system to whatever suits his strongest interests; would definitely be able to rationalize eating people
  • Great at murder
  • Frequently seems to not know what decade it is
  • All his friends are dead





Okay…I’m still fiddling with all the lighting effects and this is a rush job of a couple of hours, but fwiw…

“June 6, 1842”

Wait, is this Marius and Courfeyrac? =*((((((

Forgotten this one! But yes, Marius and Courfeyrac.

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do you think that after the barricades fell marius just has a hard time trusting people again. 

he walks into the bakery, unable to look up because there’s the baker’s apprentice and he was the one who was enthusiastically smiling and promising to join them.

walking down the street he sees the family that closed their doors to his friends, sending them off to face the bullets.

he walks into an officer that was looking at him from the other side of the barricade not even a fortnight ago 

every day he walks through the town full of people that turned their backs on them, the people who didn’t come when they called and though the blood of his friends isn’t on their hands, he sees it there because he needs to blame someone to make it just a tiny bit less painful

Marius had fallen for her in a moments glance; but then, Marius could fall in love with a Toaster, if given sufficient encouragement.

the Les Mis fanfic that I will never finish (via



You could have told me that this was written by Victor Hugo himself and it’s so accurate I probably would have believed it despite the reference to an appliance a century before it was invented

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I just saw a post about how Marius can be such a badass who in some cases is actually more dangerous than Enjolras immediately followed by a post about how Marius would get frustrated because he would try to push pull doors and I feel like that’s a really accurate depiction of his character

Bossuet: What are these?
Marius: These, sir, are STDs.
Bossuet: Uh, what are you talking about, buddy?
Marius: STDs. Save the dates! For Cosette’s and my wedding!
Courfeyrac: Ahh, yes. Hey, just out of curiosity, how many people have you given STDs to?
Marius: Lots. Like a hundred!