Marius Pontmercy: a summary



I just saw a post about how Marius can be such a badass who in some cases is actually more dangerous than Enjolras immediately followed by a post about how Marius would get frustrated because he would try to push pull doors and I feel like that’s a really accurate depiction of his character

Bossuet: What are these?
Marius: These, sir, are STDs.
Bossuet: Uh, what are you talking about, buddy?
Marius: STDs. Save the dates! For Cosette’s and my wedding!
Courfeyrac: Ahh, yes. Hey, just out of curiosity, how many people have you given STDs to?
Marius: Lots. Like a hundred!

Marius: Let me explain something to you, Courfeyrac. When you’re in a situation, you don’t have time to think. So I thought to myself, “Don’t think, Marius. Act.”
Courfeyrac: So you weren’t thinking.
Marius: Not at all. I cannot emphasize enough how little I was thinking.


OK but why does Marius have a poster in his room that says “Javertas 830?”

Is Marius a member of the Javert fanclub??? Are there 830 members in the Javert fanclub? HAS THE JAVERT FANCLUB EXISTED SINCE 830? What is going on here???

(ACTUALLY maybe Vampirevert as an immortal has indeed existed since 830, and like any good vampire (just ask Lestat) he has his own fanclub, hmmmm…)