What is each ami’s duty on movie night?


oh man.

okay, so they try to have a movie night every month or so. it doesn’t always happen, but they try.

it’s usually at Bossuet&Joly&Musichetta’s home, by default, because it’s the most centrally located and has the biggest sectional couch. Plus, their two cats are super social and always come cuddle – it’s the best. If Joly works in the morning and he has to sleep, it’s either Courfeyrac’s or Bahorel’s. There’s enough place in Enjolras’ or Combeferre’s, but neither of them actually own a TV and no way the 9+ of them are going to watch on a laptop.

As a general rule, whoever’s had a hardest time lately picks the movie. Not that it’s a competition; but movie nights with Les Amis is usually a low-pressure way of hanging out all of them together, as a family, so it’s a good way of showing some uncomplicated support when one of them’s been having a rough time.

Enjolras and Bahorel bring the food. Bahorel usually cooks something; Enolras buys cakes and other sweets.

Everyone brings their own drinks, but Grantaire usually end up sharing his, because there’s always at least a few of them who have to watch their spending that month of just forgot – you know how it goes.

Jehan always has something new to show everyone – a new piece of music he learned, a new kind of tea, a poem he’s finished and would like to share – it’s never planned, but they often end up pausing the movie in the middle to stretch their legs, bathroom break, change places etc, so it’s a good occasion.

Feuilly always always brings a blanket or three. He ends up sleeping over half the movie, so might as well bring his blanket. and might has well bring more, yknow, in case others need them.


Befriending me is just basically getting a front-row ticket to my easily-excited ass yelling about everything, always. Even if I’m not literally yelling I’m still, in spirit, yelling. That’s the ticket you bought. You didn’t ask for it but you got a backstage pass too, free of charge.

Courfeyrac (via incorrectlesmisquotes)

Courfeyrac’s eyes were squeezed shut, as if not seeing what had just happened would make it untrue.


Courfeyrac’s eyes were squeezed shut, as if not seeing what had just happened would make it untrue.

These feelings were harsh and startling.  He had thought—well, perhaps he hadn’t thought enough.  Courfeyrac was happy for Marius, he truly was.  Cosette was a sweet, friendly girl, and if anyone could deserve a partner as kind as she, it was Marius.  He felt guilty that it hurt this much; he was Marius’s friend, for goodness’ sake, and it wasn’t as if he was romantically in love with him.  But the instant he saw them, his stomach churned and his chest ached as if he were suffering from some kind of petty romantic jealousy. 

Of course, he wasn’t.  Courfeyrac loved his friend, but not in that way.  He loved his friend, and if he was currently struggling with how Marius’s new relationship made him feel—if his stomach had sunk down to his toes, and it hurt him to breathe—then that was Courfeyrac’s problem to deal with, not Marius’s.  

And so Courfeyrac feigned a series of harsh sneezes to cover for his closed eyes, and offered Cosette his hand to shake with a warm smile.  “Cosette!  I’ve heard so many great things about you!  It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”  He only hoped that Marius was too distracted to notice the feelings hidden behind Courfeyrac’s eyes, which Courfeyrac would simply have to work to quell.