A little warmup penbrush/watercolor Courfeyrac.



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“Look. If anyone wants to send some poor, art blocked soul some little…”

More Feuilly? I love your art with him 🙂

I don’t know about you, but I think Feuilly’s lean could give Bossuet a run for his money!



Jean Prouvaire, what are you reading?

Ooh, I really like his design–the nose makes me really happy? And great job with the curtain!  (Also, his pipe with the clay bowl oh no. ;_;  )


A Grantaire for you all! (insert Epic Rant here)

I have made a scary goal recently (err… yesterday), and that goal is to draw a picture, every day, no matter how exhausted I am after work. Wish me luck!


Courfeyrac, how dapper you are today! Today, and every day.

I may or may not have gotten a little overenthusiastic with the white gel pen.


Final wardrobe meme prompt for this round: Enjolras in the most expensive thing he owns for @amarguerite!

“It’s going to be a fancy party,” Courfeyrac says. “Please wear something nice. Please. I know you have it in you.” Enjolras shows up to said party in the above outfit, Courfeyrac is desperately confused about why, why he dresses so boring most of the time if he owns clothing like that! Afterwards Courfeyrac, possibly after one too many glasses of champagne, ransacks Enjolras’ wardrobe for more secrets (Enjolras just stands there, amused) and finds… nothing. How disappointing!


I didn’t end up doing much more with this. This is my first successful gouache painting and I think I’m in love with this medium! 😀



Last weekend I got to visit @oilan, so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to do a traditional art collab!  You can probably tell that she did the lines and I did the colors on this one.  Per oilan, “This started as a drawing of Courfeyrac dressing Marius, because I know you like that, but it turned into Courfeyrac undressing Marius.”  Not to worry, I appreciate that just as much.  I convinced her to draw the Super Secret Ship bwahahaha 

AHHH THIS TURNED OUT GREAT. I love Marius’ waistcoat and the romantic ethereal background especially. 😀

(Lol, let’s play the game ‘Where is Courfeyrac’s Other Hand Going?’)