i’m sure that’s the first time he’s heard that one, courf


#how many rebellion pilots paint luke skywalker on the side of their x-wings #(oh leia was supposed to be the pinup girl of choice; princess and face of the rebellion et cetera #but most of them have /met/ leia and while she’s very pretty she’s also much more likely to kill them #if they try to paint her with her tits out on the side of a freighter) #but a couple of members of red squadron paint luke on the side of wedge antilles’ plane as a joke #and it catches on; especially after the Death Star—they say it’s good luck to have the last jedi on your nose #wedge of course is horrified; red squadron’s depiction is hardly the most tasteful thing and he can’t seem to scrub it off #he’s got very blue eyes and is very very blonde and wedge blushes to the roots of his hair whenever he sees it #especially when /luke/ sees it #“I don’t wander around with my mouth open like that do I?” luke asks #“no” wedge says morosely thinking he would very much like to die right here and now if the universe would be so kind #“and everyone wears their flightsuit like that when they’re tinkering in the hangar! it’s very humid on yavin!” luke says #“yeah I know” wedge says miserably thinking that he could probably ask the admiral for a transfer to another base. he’s heard #the outer rim is nice and that might just be far enough away to forget this ever happened to him #“and I’m pretty sure I’m not that muscular” luke adds after a minute of horrifically uncomfortable silence #“no you are” wedge antilles says with all the humor of a man being force-marched to the gallows “it’s very accurate” #“oh” luke skywalker says going a little pink #“…….it’s a nice drawing” luke finally says and wedge antilles makes an attempt to perform the first-ever spontaneous combustion #he does not succeed #instead luke sort of—awkwardly pats him on the shoulder and walks away #wedge antilles mostly thinks that red squadron has earned itself some time scrubbing the refresher (via @notbecauseofvictories)