“hey, what are the top five movies that should have been about women falling in love with women that instead have het romances that make no sense?” thanks, me, i’m glad you asked

I would write a thesis about this if someone would let me



I don’t want a Calrissian daughter. No. That will not do… I WANT A GANG OF DAUGHTERS. CALRISSIAN, SMOOTH TALKING, SAAVY BUSINESSWOMEN. CLOUD CITY QUEENS. Imagine Lando with like, five daughters. The Galaxy isn’t ready…

Amandla Stenberg, Samira Wiley, Nicole Beharie, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Freema Agyeman as Lando Calrissian’s five daughters.

I can even see it…

Amandla is the dreamer/artist/architect? The baby, obviously. Unplanned, obviously.

Samira is the explorer, the surveyor, the speed racer, the occasional smuggler (Daddy doesn’t know, yet), middle child.

Nicole is the party girl, nocturnal, the card player, closest resemblance to their mother, fourth born, force sensitive.

Gugu is the CFO, the natural moneymaker, future politician, Daddy’s girl, the oldest.

Freema is the engineer, the mechanic, the one who keeps Samira flying fast, second born.


Enjolras: FOR JUST ANOTHER DAAAAAY! For another stolen hour, when the world will feel my power and obeeeey! It’s just another daaaaaay! Feeling like I’ll live foreveeeeer
Enjolras: No wait
Enjolras: Sorry wrong musical


I’ve joked about “Kenobi Guilt Mode,” Luke isolating himself after his padawan’s destructive descent just like Obi-Wan did, still dressed in the uniform of his failure (don’t even get me started on the very deliberate and Alec Guinness-way Mark Hamill flicked back the hood of his robe) but I don’t want Episode VIII to be Rey pulling Luke back from that. I don’t want Rey to have to convince Luke of anything. Don’t give me a Luke who’s really just Obi-Wan reincarnate, cryptic and weary with guilt and a little bit of a jerk by way of his self-imposed exile.

Give me Luke, the golden boyking Jedi Knight (well, perhaps not a boyking anymore), but older and wiser. Can’t you imagine Luke – with all that bleeding-heart compassion he carried around, the way he saw goodness in everyone – as Jedi Master?

Give me a Luke who, yes, feels remorse and guilt for what happened with Ben but who uses that. Give me a Luke who is still unafraid of his emotions; a Luke who continues to embrace his emotions, even the fear and anger Yoda cautioned against, and find constructive ways to use them. Give me a Luke who saw his padawans and their training as a precious responsibility and still sees them as such, no matter how long they’ve been under the thrall of the Dark Side.

Give me a Luke who left everything and everyone when Kylo Ren was born and went looking for the Jedi Temple because he was seeking something that would help save his nephew. Give me a Luke who has spent the last 15 years trying to get his sister her family back. Give me a Luke who didn’t know where [his daughter/niece/youngest padawan] Rey was taken and has been trying to search for her for years without drawing unwanted attention; who wanted to find her without endangering her so instead of looking outright he Force-pushed images of his home into her dreams so she would come find him instead. 

Give me a Luke who looks at this girl, trembling with fear and confusion and resolve and holding his father’s lightsaber, and says yes, yes, of course I will teach you, let’s start right now. Give me a Luke who listens to Rey, to what she’s been through and what she can already do, and doesn’t dismiss any of her experience. Give me a Luke who takes the survival skills that Rey has already learned and helps her adapt them to her Force abilities so they work in tandem. Give me a Luke who tells her that if she ever wants to make her own saber they can modify the hilt so it’s longer and more comfortable for her staff-ready grip. Give me a Luke who remembers what it is to shoulder a destiny you never expected and lends Rey the guidance and support he had only sporadically from Jedi masters so bogged down in their traditions and failures that he had to stand in defiance of them anyway.

Give me a Luke who doesn’t shrug off Rey’s presence or oppose going back to the Resistance because his sister needs him and when has he ever not gone to her aid? Give me a Luke who is gutted by Han’s death, just absolutely devastated by the loss of his friend and whatever part he may have had in it due to Ben’s fall, but is motivated by the loss as well: this has gone on long enough, I cannot sit idly by any longer, I must fix this. Give me a Luke who looks at Rey and sees himself: a girl who longs for family, brimming with power she doesn’t understand, desperate to help those who have befriended her.

Give me a Luke who sees Rey standing on the cliff with a lightsaber in hand and says, “I have waited so long for you; come, we must begin.”

Joly having a habit of throwing his prosthetic leg at people in the car park who accuse him of ‘not really being disabled’.


I cackled at this, this is brilliant!!!

He’d get out the car, start locking up when he hears a disgusted snort. He turns and some snobby woman with a fake Prada bag and a sneer on her face is eyeing him.

“People like you make me sick,” she spits.

“Madame, I am a doctor, I assure you I do entirely the opposite,” he replies with a polite, albeit tight-lipped smile.

“That’s a parking spot for the DISABLED, of which you clearly are not!”

Joly, never once taking his eyes from the woman’s, rolls up the left leg of his jeans, detaches the prosthetic and, with the precision of a professional athlete, lobs it at her face.

Bossuet and Chetta come to pick him up from the shopping centre security offices and he just grins at them, as they shake their heads and are like “Fuck sake Joly, not AGAIN!”