Feuilly and Enjolras, obviously XD


It’s nearing midnight, probably, and Feuilly has been dozing on Enjolras’ shoulder, book long abandoned in his lap, for a good hour when Enjolras looks up from his own studies, blue eyes twinkling.

“You should go to bed,” he wraps an arm around Feuilly, trying to gently shake him awake. “You’ll hurt your neck and you’ll be exhausted tomorrow.”

Feuilly sighs deeply but doesn’t open his eyes.

“But y’hair smells good,” he mumbles, moving a little so he can settle more comfortably against Enjolras’ side. “’n it’s soft.”

Alright then, Enjolras smiles, and turns back to his book.


what if ferre is a single dad and his kid really really really loves this one movie (maybe like a disney movie or something) and wants to write to their favorite character so ferre looks up the address of the voice actor and sends the letter and it’s courf and courf writes back and they live in the same town or something so ferre and his kid go meet courf and courf sings a song from the movie and the kid is like :D!!!! and ferre is like oh no he’s hot


The kid is just so happy!! And that makes Ferre so happy!! But he has a hard time showing it because wow the movie does not do justice to how great Cour’fs voice sounds in real life and the character in the movie does not have those dimples or those curls or-

He’s thrown off-guard when his kid asks Courfeyrac if they can meet again and Combeferre is quickly like “I’m sure he’s a very busy man, it was very nice to do this at all.” and Courfeyrac is just like, “No, no, it’s fine. I’d love to see you again.” But he’s looking at Ferre when he says this and oh no those eyes…Combeferre is definitely in trouble.

So later the kid asks if Combeferre liked him and Ferre is just like. “Oh. Yeah he was. Yes. That was very nice. H-he’s very. Yeah. Nice. Love him. N-no I mean. He’s awesome sauce. You know? I like him.”