cosette & feuilly & valjean family dynamics!

  • i don’t know if cosette & feuilly are siblings by birth or found each other and were adopted around the same time (because they wouldn’t leave each other when valjean came for cosette -) I can’t decide I like both for different reasons.
  • either WAY.
  • they’re both giant Harry Potter nerds. the first few books in the series were Valjean’s first Christmas present to Feuilly, and Feuilly used to read them aloud to Cosette at night.
  • they used to dress up as Harry and Hermione all the time. and dressed up Valjean as Dumbledore. It was like – the Halloween costume they went for every year, even if Halloween wasn’t really a Thing.
  • Valjean also totally waited in line to buy the fifth book with Cosette, because Feuilly couldn’t – he had an exam to study for.
  • One of Cosette and Feuilly’s biggest ‘conflicts’ as kids was when Cosette really got into pirates and Feuilly got really into space and they couldn’t agree on which is better or more fun.
  • They don’t have this sort of thing were siblings/parents have to approve the new boyfriend/girlfriend/datemate, nor do they do the ‘overprotective’ speech, but if the new s.o. does ‘approve’ of the family, the chances of the relationship lasting are nil.
  • Cosette has always been more adventurous than Feuilly – he’s curious, and wants to try things, but doesn’t go out of his ways to seek adventures the way Cosette does. He’ll follow her, though, and she always invited him to see art shows, concerts, on roadtrips. It’s not out of protectiveness on either side – she encourages him to branch out from his routine a little more and she’s glad for the company – but honestly it makes Valjean rests a little easier.
  • Valjean just can’t help being a little anxious when it comes to his children’s safety – he knows things can get from good to terrible so quickly and he just wants them to be happy.
  • and they just want him to be happy too, and even when he doesn’t go with them they’ll always send him postcards. even from the next town over.
  • Valjean still has all of their drawings from when they were kids framed and in a drawer of his office.
  • They definitely, definitely have dogs. They’re all dog people. The bigger to dog the best.
  • ALL OF THEIR FAMILY PICTURES ARE EITHER SUPER DORKY AND SILLY or like, badly framed. Valjean can’t pick a favourite. They make Feuilly wince everytime because he knows photography and they’re terrible. but if he took the pictures he wouldn’t be in them and neither Valjean or Cosette would count it as a family photo.

Hum, I guess Feuilly gives me some sort of a earth-y cinnamon nutmeg spice kind of vibe? So probably something along these lines? All I can think of is baking but then again, they could/should definitely bake!


Right? Yeah, I agree!

Okay, okay – everyone know the Baker Chief of Les Amis is Bahorel. (Also Combeferre – it’s kind of a tie, Combeferre wins by sheer quantity and efficiency of his baking, but Bahorel makes it into an art form). And Feuilly lived with Bahorel for a little bit. Bahorel’s mom pratically adopted Feuilly as one of her own so she gave Bahorel the green light to teach him some of the family recipes.

Feuilly’s not like a great baker, he gets too distracted, but he works hard and he’s willing to try so he ends up being able to do some of them pretty well. He only ever bakes on special occasions, though – when he has the time and energy to being one thing, and when they don’t already have a bunch of stuff to eat because Enjolras tends to be the person who gets all the left over from Combeferre’s stress baking.

(Combeferre’s cookies are way better than his own anyway, Feuilly says, which makes Enjolras frown and look at Feuilly with a serious expression that borders on the comical, given that his mouth is still full of some delicious lemon shortcake cookies. 

“That’s not true,” he says. “Your baking is the best.” 

“No it’s not,” Feuilly laugh, reaching out to brush off some crumbs at the corner of Enjolras’ mouth. “I still can’t make croissants like Combeferre can, and I’m not yet worthy of the Bahorel family’s cinnamon roll recipe. To be honest, I don’t think I ever will be. I can practice more, though, if you don’t mind taste-testing…”

Enjolras shakes his head firmly. He doesn’t mind, even if it means putting on a few kilos – totally worth it.)

Omg cuties they’d go out & get coffee every morning but imagine one morning Feuilly waking up to Enjolras not being there, then going to the kitchen and finding a cup of coffee with a lil note


Can you believe I actually already have a very specific headcanon about this (you can, can’t you?).

But when they start ‘dating’ – what passes as dating for the two of them; they’ve been dating for a long time without actually being each other’s boyfriend, but when they decide that they are, that’s when they start spending more time at each other’s place, sleeping over in the same bed come naturally.

They stay over at Feuilly’s place more often than not, because Feuilly’s actually fond of his crappy tiny crooked little three-room apartment, and it’s closer to his job. His bed is tucked in a corner of the room, and they sorta fall into the habit of Enjolras sleeping on the bedside table side (? you know) so that Feuilly usually wakes him up too when he gets up for work in the morning, allowing them to go out and get coffee and eat breakfast together – some days the only thing they can do together because they’re so busy.

So one morning Feuilly wakes up – it’s 7:15 instead of his usual 6:15, how did that happen, that never happens to him, why didn’t he wake up – and Enjolras isn’t there. Did Enjolras not wake him up? What’s happening –

by this time Feuilly’s half-panicked scrambled out of bed and into the kitchen, and his train of thought screeches to a halt and he remembers.

He sees the cup of coffee right there on the table, still warm (take out coffee always takes forever to cool down) and a note from Enjolras:


I don’t know if you remember, but you switched shifts this morning; you start at 1 p.m. instead of 7 a.m. I’m in class until 2.

and what looks like a few little x kisses, followed by Enjolras’ signature.

So Feuilly sits back, drinks his coffee, showers amd get dressed, and knowing Enjolras probably didn’t eat breakfast, stops at the coffee shop to pick up a croissant on his way to meet Enjolras on his break between classes and they eat together. ❤