That’s the really disappointing thing about doing Star Wars. […] I was walking around with George [Lucas] when I got the part and he was showing me the art department. There were guys with chainsaws carving this huge submarine out of blocks of polystyrene, and as we walked around I said, “Will we go under water?” And he went, “What?” I said, “Will we go under? —the water, in it?” He went, “None of it is real.” And a little part of me died. [x]


I think one of my favorite stories I’ve ever heard Mark Hamill tell is the one about how the first time he heard the score for A New Hope he got sort of jokingly offended because it seemed like every other character had a specific song for them and he didn’t and John Williams just looked at him and said “…The main theme is your song” and Mark was like “WHAT OMG” like he didn’t actually understand before that moment that he was the protagonist.


For his first many Christmases, Feuilly would spend the joyful holiday in his bed at the orphanage, counting every reason why he didn’t get presents every year. He heard stories of the man who brought presents to children on the night before Christmas, and the man always sounded so nice. Perhaps the man was too busy to get to the orphanage, or maybe he didn’t do deliveries to orphanages, or maybe Feuilly was just a bad kid.

Now, Feuilly almost always has a bag of small toys and trinkets (that he made himself), and he will hand them out to the homeless children around Christmas time. His mind reels back to the poor Polish orphan who sang Christmas carols under his breath with tears streaming down his cheeks, and the thought of another child feeling like they didn’t deserve a Christmas breaks his heart.