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awkward flirting pre relationship courferre is my life okay (u can take this as a prompt or not hehe)


The thing is they’ve both tried flirting with each other for TWO MOTHER F**KING YEARS and neither of them gets that the other is flirting.

It started off really subtle.

Combeferre took a picture of a sunflower and sent it to Courfeyrac with the caption [found you in my garden :)].

Courfeyrac went to a nature museum without Combeferre but sent him a picture of a cool-looking moth with the caption [you ;)].

Combeferre called him minutes later, “YOU WENT TO THE MUSEUM WITHOUT ME!!!”

Courfeyrac faceplams. He knew he’d have to take it a step further…at this point they both did.

Courfeyrac stole Combeferre’s glasses to mess with him one day.

“Come on, Courf, give them back! I can’t see shit!” Ferre groaned.

“Why should I?” Courf asked.

“Because I can’t admire that beautiful face of yours without them,” Ferre replied.

Now any normal person would’ve taken that as blatant flirtation, not Courf. He just thought Ferre was trying to sweet talk him into returning his glasses (it totally worked though).

Ferre wasn’t sure if he was happy to have his glasses back, or upset that Courf still didn’t get it.

 Then there was the time that Combeferre texted him late at night telling him to go to sleep because he just knew Courf was awake worrying about an exam.

[Courf, go to sleep. You’re gonna do fine on this test. Stop worrying and get some rest or so help me I will some over there]

[And what’ll u do 2 me when u get here? ;)]

[Kill you for working yourself up like this. Courfeyrac, you are smarter than you think and you’re gonna do great on this exam. Go to sleep for me?]

[Yes, mom]

Combeferre is lying in his bed thinking, ‘He really doesn’t know by now that he’s amazing and I love him?’

Courfeyrac is lying in his bed thinking, ‘I just basically asked him if he wanted to have sex with me and he told me to go to sleep.’

This calls for drastic measures.

Courf actually straight up said, “Cute ass, Ferre,” as Ferre bent over to pick something up.

And Ferre just replied, “Thanks, Courf.”

Like he wasn’t even phased.

Ferre sends him the link to the song “You’re My Best Friend” by Queen because Ferre loves Queen and says, [Reminds me of you.]

Courfeyrac LISTENS TO THE SONG then types back [Aaawww Ferre! Ur my best friend 2!!!]

Ferre audible groans and almost throws his phone across the room. He immediately texts Enjolras (who’s literally two rooms over, but Ferre doesn’t feel like walking)

[Can you believe this? I sent him a LOVE song and said it reminded me of him and he still doesn’t get it! How can I flirt more obviously than that?!]

[Uuuummm Ferre?]

He looked at the top of his screen and saw Courf’s name, and immediately panicked. Another text came through before he reposnded.

[UR flirting with me????]

Ferre shrugs and types [Yep, have been for two years, thanks for noticing]

There’s no response, instead his phone starts ringing, it’s Courf.


Courf can barely speak he’s laughing so hard, “We’re idiots, both of us are idiots!”


“I’ve been flirting with you, too, dumbass!”

“You….wait….that was?…oh my god we are idiots!”

“I can’t believe this.”

“Come over and we can actually talk about this, I’m hanging up now, idiot.”

Courfeyrac goes to Combeferre’s place and they do talk about it…they do much more than just talk.


So this is your friendly reminder that every time a cannon fired at the barricade, Courfeyrac said, “Bless you!” And Les Amis found it hilarious. Mind you, this is at the literal barricade, amidst all the bloodshed and turmoil. Les Amis are so incredibly dorky and I love them. Allrighty bye.

Please imagine marius dedicating cute songs to cosette


Don’t tell me Marius never went to serenade Cosette under her windows with Courfeyrac playing the ukulele in the bushes cause I’m pretty sure they did


#how many rebellion pilots paint luke skywalker on the side of their x-wings #(oh leia was supposed to be the pinup girl of choice; princess and face of the rebellion et cetera #but most of them have /met/ leia and while she’s very pretty she’s also much more likely to kill them #if they try to paint her with her tits out on the side of a freighter) #but a couple of members of red squadron paint luke on the side of wedge antilles’ plane as a joke #and it catches on; especially after the Death Star—they say it’s good luck to have the last jedi on your nose #wedge of course is horrified; red squadron’s depiction is hardly the most tasteful thing and he can’t seem to scrub it off #he’s got very blue eyes and is very very blonde and wedge blushes to the roots of his hair whenever he sees it #especially when /luke/ sees it #“I don’t wander around with my mouth open like that do I?” luke asks #“no” wedge says morosely thinking he would very much like to die right here and now if the universe would be so kind #“and everyone wears their flightsuit like that when they’re tinkering in the hangar! it’s very humid on yavin!” luke says #“yeah I know” wedge says miserably thinking that he could probably ask the admiral for a transfer to another base. he’s heard #the outer rim is nice and that might just be far enough away to forget this ever happened to him #“and I’m pretty sure I’m not that muscular” luke adds after a minute of horrifically uncomfortable silence #“no you are” wedge antilles says with all the humor of a man being force-marched to the gallows “it’s very accurate” #“oh” luke skywalker says going a little pink #“…….it’s a nice drawing” luke finally says and wedge antilles makes an attempt to perform the first-ever spontaneous combustion #he does not succeed #instead luke sort of—awkwardly pats him on the shoulder and walks away #wedge antilles mostly thinks that red squadron has earned itself some time scrubbing the refresher (via @notbecauseofvictories)



my heart has suddenly significantly healed  

this is what they do when ahsoka pulls out her phone or holo recorder or whatever