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“scratch that. don’t answer that.” (and did you want a pairing too? bc I’d love to see what you do with Courfeyrac and Enjolras.)


your baskets!  The ingredients you must use in your dish are…

sets the remote control on the coffee table, next to an empty pint of
Ben & Jerry’s and two spoons resting on the upturned ice cream
lid.  Chopped is a show that they can both agree on; Enjolras likes
to learn new tricks he can use in the kitchen (he really is
getting better at cooking
, he insists as Courfeyrac teases him),
while Courfeyrac enjoys most any kind of reality competition show.

two of them had been sitting together on the couch, with Courfeyrac’s
head on Enjolras’s shoulder.  When Enjolras sits back again after
setting down the remote, Courfeyrac leans against him and rests his
head where it had been before, snuggling close to him.  Enjolras’s
hand comes to rest on top of Courfeyrac’s, and he rubs his thumb
gently against the back of his friend’s hand.

a moment, Courfeyrac lifts his head.  Enjolras looks over at him,
curious, and the look on Courfeyrac’s face is not one he recognizes.
Courfeyrac takes a deep breath.

Another breath.  “Um.”

Enjolras is even more curious now.  Courfeyrac’s tone of voice
doesn’t worry him, exactly, but it makes him feel uncertain.

next few words sound as cautious as Enjolras feels.  “What are we?”

definitely looks confused.  But Courfeyrac barely gives him time to
think before backpedalling.  “Scratch that.  Don’t answer that.
I’m sorry.”  His hand stiffens under Enjolras’s, and he looks down
at it, then back up at Enjolras, as if to ask if this was still okay.

smiles that gentle smile of his, the one that warms something in
Courfeyrac’s chest, and squeezes his hand.  “It’s all right.”  

shakes his head.  “No, I’m sorry.  It’s just I’ve never done
anything like this before.  I don’t really do the romance thing, and
I know you’ve said you don’t either, but it’s—.”

leans in quickly to kiss Courfeyrac on the cheek.  It works as he
intended, and Courfeyrac cuts himself off mid-sentence.  “It’s
really all right.  Honestly, I don’t have a word for this either.
But… that’s fine, yeah?”

eyebrows flash up for a brief moment, then sighs with relief.  “Yeah.
Yeah, that’s fine.”

nestles back into the couch and pats his shoulder.  “Come on, the
judging’s about to start.”

laughs and flops back down, his head finding Enjolras’s shoulder as
his hand reaches for his friend’s hand.

28, Courfjolras


Maria you truly do know me! 

Also I’m tagging this for #LesMisRarePairsWeek because I’m just in time before the end of the week 😀

28. Stop pinning this on me! You started it!

It is a peculiar sensation, to wake up in a world you don’t quite recognize. Courfeyrac has only felt it a few times before, mostly in the throes of truly spectacular hangovers.

Actually, the one thing that’s reassuringly familiar, this time around, is the hangover itself.

The unfamiliar things: the hotel room, which isn’t his. Enjolras pacing the length of said room, talking way too loudly for Courfeyrac’s pounding head. The ring on his finger which has already started to turn his skin green.

“I can’t believe,” Enjolras says. “I can’t believe I let you talk me into this.”

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headcanons for jehan?


Didn’t Crowley wake up in ‘32…? 

(I love the idea of him bopping around and enjoying the Romantic weirdness. He WOULD.) 

Yes!  Yes, he did!  *digs up kindle edition*


  • Bahorel was the one who introduced him to the rest of Les Amis. They met in a cemetery, Jehan contemplating the mysteries of existence, Bahorel hiding from cops. They ended up discussing theatre and constellations.
  • His fashion (well, more like anti-fashion) choices make him a bit too conspicuous for ‘field work’ so he has to keep around an Enjolras-and-Feuilly approved set for more secretive errands.
  • His knowledge of various languages comes in handy – oh, what pamphlet drafts and what notes, officer, what are you talking about? These are merely my ponderings on religious texts in Hebrew. See? You can read it if you’d like!
  • Talks to his potted plants. (His next door neighbour also does this but apparently he believes threatening them yields the best results. It does, his plants are always lush and beautiful, but Jehan doesn’t have the heart to copy him, so he sticks to kind words. Weird fellow, that neigbour. Always wears sunglasses, even indoors. Jehan approves.)*
  • He’s a straight up Disney prince, he feeds the birds whenever he can – and sometimes gives them midnight flute concerts. His neighbours do NOT approve, except the one with the glasses. He says he should keep it up but maybe do it a bit louder.
  • He’s very much taken with the idea of Love and falls in love with every second woman he meets (or at least he imagines himself to be in love). Thing is, he’s way too timid to actually talk to girls and even if he managed to get together with someone he wouldn’t know how to proceed. He probably wouldn’t really want to.
  • His second favourite person after Bahorel is Combeferre – they’ve gone ghost-hunting together to every single reportedly haunted place in the general vincity of Paris. They also like to discuss linguistics and translation errors in works of literature.
  • He tends to make a mistake of idolising people – painting them as larger than life and putting them on a pedestal, out of his own reach. That’s his constant mistake with women, but he does it with men too, sometimes. Enjolras, for example. It took him catching him in a very vulnerable moment to start to see him as a common mortal human – after that, despite their obvious differences they grew pretty close.
  • He definitely has at least one skull at home. Nobody ever asked how he’s gotten them but they all suspect they didn’t come from a medical collection…
  • He keeps an axlotl. He insist they have the key to immortality. He doesn’t experiment on it or anything, he just keeps it as a pet. (He noticed he’s getting a lot more respect from the neigbour with the glasses since he mentioned this fact to him.)

*In this universe Crowley didn’t sleep through the 19th century.

“EVIL IN GENERAL does not sleep, and therefore doesn’t see why anyone else should. But Crowley liked sleep, it was one of the pleasures of the world. Especially after a heavy meal. He’d slept right through most of the nineteenth century, for example. Not because he needed to, simply because he enjoyed it.*

* Although he did have to get up in 1832 to go to the lavatory.”

Gaiman, Neil; Pratchett, Terry. Good Omens (p. 33). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.

So, maybe he got up and stuck around for a while because he enjoyed Jehan’s flute playing?  ^_^



‘Star Trek Beyond’ confirms that Hikaru Sulu is gay

During a promotional event in Australia, actor John Cho confirmed that beloved Star Trek character Hikaru Sulu is gay. According to Cho, writer Simon Pegg and director Justin Lin decided to make Sulu canonically gay in the upcoming movie, Star Trek Beyond. The reason why will warm your emotionless, Vulcan heart. 

Sulu was originally played by George Takei, who in later life has become a prominent activist forLGBT rights. In a tribute to his ongoing legacy as an icon of the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek Beyond writer Simon Pegg and director Justin Lin decided make Sulu canonically gay in the upcoming movie.

“I liked [Pegg and Lin’s] approach, which was not to make a big thing out of it, which is where I hope we are going as a species, to not politicize one’s personal orientations,” Cho said.