Boots’ modern AU headcanon time:

This headcanon started its
life as simply, “How much more meaningful would the gift of the two
candlesticks be if Myriel was a rabbi rather than a bishop?”  (To
celebrate Shabbat, one lights two candles.)  As I developed this
concept more, it evolved into an entire fix-it AU.  Speaking only for
myself, for me the most life-changing distinction between my experience
of Christianity (ok, Catholicism) and
my experience of

Judaism is this:  my experience with Catholicism often glorified
martyrdom and suffering, whereas Jewish culture celebrates surviving and
experiencing life.  I think this distinction would make a world of
difference in the way Valjean responds to many of the situations in his
life; that he would not be so needlessly self-sacrificing and would
instead let himself enjoy happiness when it comes to him.  He would live
out his life in joy and peace with Fantine (who survives in this AU),
Cosette, and Marius.  And every Shabbat, he would light the candles and
remember this warm, kind, and loving man who changed his life.