New images!! Thanks to these ladies for asking me to shoot! Sandy Hook, NJ has become my go-to location for anything beach-related; it works so wonderfully. There will likely be more on my Flickr at a later date!

Uranus: @yuffiebunny
Neptune: @mostflogged
Photos: Nicole Ciaramella Photography



A superhero tries to get himself classified as a natural disaster so people can get refunded by their insurance company when he destroys their home during a fight.

Not sure if this is a writing prompt or a philosophy.




That’s it, now you know everything.

This has probably been done already, but oh well. I love these gals, so I wanted to share my arcane knowledge.

dysfunctional family goes on a road trip = best description of Tsubasa ever

I am giving in and reblogging this one even though I think everyone in my flist who cares has seen it already, just because I still can’t believe it’s a post that mentions everything CLAMP /and/ pokes fun at them in a GOOD, NICE way, /and/ doesn’t shit on a single series of them


first 5 minutes into the show and the protagonist already has no chill