Jedi Tahl – MCG 2015 Pre-Show Commission




 I request permission to go after him. 

 Jim, you’re not actually going after this guy, are you? 

#seriously bones’s hand placement is killing me   #it’s so deliberate   #like he’s had three years to perfect the art of keeping jim still for two seconds in the most efficient way possible   #hand wedged under his arm strategically thumb ready to attack a pressure point that made jim yelp the first time  #except now jim’s like conditioned   #bones barely has to touch him and jim just stops and leans into it  #i hate this

I, too, wish to draw attention to the hold McCoy has on Jim in that top right hand gif there, but not from any ship-related reasons. That, ladies and gentlemen, is an example of med win

You’re right, previous tagger, that’s the best place to hold Jim to get him to be still. It’s how you hold anyone who isn’t steady on their feet, or needs guidance, or that you as a medical person (be it doctor or nurse) need to control the movements of just a little bit. If you’re standing in front of them and you need to give them some support or exert some control over their movements, that is exactly how you hold a patient so that you can do that without hurting them. 

Normally whenever anything or anyone medical is involved in a show or film, there are inevitably horrendous inaccuracies that really ruin it for me. But this? This is a tiny detail, the tiniest of tiny details, and knowingly or not it is one hundred percent accurate, and I want to give Karl a medal for it. 



@jstor how does a post-grad person get access to those journals? I miss nerding out. 😦


1. Does your uni provide access to alumni? Check here.

2. Do you live in a city that provides JSTOR access through the public library? NYPL does, as does Boston Public Library – check your local library!

3. Sign up for a free Register & Read account – create a MyJSTOR account and get online reading access to 85% of the journals on JSTOR. Check it out how to sign up (in an admittedly silly video) here, as well as how to manage your account. 

4. Need to download? Sign up for JPASS, our subscription service for independent researchers. 10 article downloads per month, it’s $19.50/month or $195/year. More info (+10% off the yearly plan) here

5. Interested in ONLY historical content published prior to 1923 in the US and 1870 worldwide? GOOD NEWS, all those articles are freely available. Just enter a search term, click the “Journals” tab in the results page, then sort by “Oldest” – early journal articles that are free to access will have a little “FREE” icon next to the title.

6. Just need one article? Many are made available by the publishers for single purchase directly from the JSTOR platform. Prices are set by the publishers, and vary widely, so just be aware of that. 

Hopes this helps! Feel free to reach out with any questions on any of the above.