I can’t believe this. I can’t believe this was in consideration for Anakin’s Ep III look. I can’t believe what he ended up looking like in that movie was the subtler alternative to an even worse look.

I can’t believe we almost had an Ep III where Anakin runs around with his bare chest, black leather deep-v-neck jedi tunic, and mohawk while all of his allies are completely blindsided by his fall to the dark side



Obi-Wan, you could try saving the puns for more appropriate times



Honestly I wonder how many aces with sex drives actually thought they were bi/pan before discovering the term asexual?

I wonder how many aces thought, “huh, sex sounds alright, and I get turned on while thinking about sex no matter the gender of the person, so that must mean I’m bi/pan.”

Because for me, that’s exactly how it was – before I learned what sexual attraction actually was, that having sexual desire for somebody who WASN’T engaged in a sexual act was actually a thing, I thought I was bi simply because sex with any gender was appealing. It was the stimulation, not the person.

Same thing for aromantics interested in life partnerships/QP relationships, who thought that wanting that intimacy with somebody and not caring what gender they were.

That kind of journey of self discovery is just as important as feeling broken before discovering the terms asexuality and aromanticism; don’t let anybody invalidate you because of your past identities, or for having a sex drive/want for a intimate relationship. You’re beautiful and valid and so important!


I was REALLY hoping to get a YT treat written, because I write treats every year… but since the archive opens in like 40 MINUTES and I just finished editing my assignment… I’m thinking that’s not going to happen.

I suppose I could write a treat or two later or tomorrow for the Madness Collection.


*falls over*

So, the bad news is that I did not get my lit. review done.  The GOOD news is that I think I got the next fic in the aro/ace Courfeyrac x Feuilly ‘verse done?