oh my friends, my friends forgive me
                    that I live and you are gone.




Oh shit

Oh wow, that’s a powerful gifset right there…

This is the one thing that Episode III did right: give a completely understandable explanation for why the heck Obi Wan would tell a straight out not-even-stretching-the-truth lie to Luke when he asked how he knew his father. 

Because there are literally two Jedi left in the universe and one of them has just come across a kid strong in the Force and damned if he’s going to let their whole order die because this dad-worshipping teenager isn’t ready to hear the truth about his father being a genocidal murderer.

Yeah, so I’m a lot cooler with the “Vader killed your father” lie now that the truth is revealed to be “Well, the last time I saw your dad it was when I cut off his three remaining natural limbs and left him to die in a fire.”