I have found a way to save you Padme.

Save me?

From my nightmares.


“How could she do this to him? How could he? In the Force, the whole apartment stank of Obi-Wan.
His finger traced the curving back of Padmé’s couch. Here. Obi-Wan sit here.

Perhaps it’s simply a question of whether you love Obi-Wan Kenobi more than you love your wife.



reasons people think Padme and Leia are alike:

  • both were royalty
  • both served in the Senate
  • both females
  • ‘like mother like daughter’

reasons people think Anakin and Luke are alike:

  • both become Jedi
  • both excellent pilots
  • use blue lightsabers (????)
  • ‘like father like son’

reasons Luke is actually meant to mirror Padme in the story:

  • he is the one to have faith there is good in Anakin
  • Padme and Luke have similar control over their emotions
  • both stubborn once they have their mind set on something
  • in the end his faith in Anakin saves him, the way Padme’s would have

reasons Leia is more similar to Anakin:

  • she is angry
  • like all the time; Carrie Fisher even said she played Leia as barely restraining her anger most of the time
  • she’s impulsive
  • she would probably win a snark-off against Clone Wars era Anakin and that’s saying something
  • have a similar sense of duty; Anakin to the Jedi, Leia to the Alliance



“It’s only that—well, I’ve been a bit worried about him. I was hoping he may have talked to you.”

“Why would he talk to me about—” She favored him with her best friendly-but-skeptical smile. “—Jedi business?”

“Senator—Padme. Please.” He gazed into her eyes with nothing on his face but compassion and fatigued anxiety.

“I am not blind, Padme. Though I have tried to be, for Anakin’s sake. And for yours.”

“What do you mean?”

“Neither of you is very good at hiding feelings, either.”


“Anakin has loved you since the day you met, in that horrible junk shop on Tatooine. He’s never tried to hide it, though we do not speak of it. We… pretend that I don’t know. And I was happy to because it made him happy. You made him happy when nothing else truly could.” He sighed, his brows drawing together. “And you, Padme, skilled as you are on the Senate floor, cannot hide the light that comes to your eyes when anyone so much as mentions his name.”