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ahhh i love the idea of Enjolras’s fumbling and awkwardness being exactly what Feuilly needs to feel comfortable around him!

I’M GLAD YOU LIKE IT.  XD  Honestly, “awkward fumbling Enjolras” is one of my favorite headcanons about him?  Like he’s suave as heck during public speaking, but get him one-on-one (especially around someone he admires) and he turns into Awkward McFumblepants.  ^_^  And since Feuilly does NOT trust people who seem perfect, the first time Enjolras drops that conversational ball is SUCH a relief for him.  And getting to know Enjolras restores his faith in people.  ^_^  AND THEN THEY ARE ADORABLE ALL OVER EACH OTHER EVER AFTER.  ^___________^


Enjolras and Feuilly <3



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Yessssssssssss.  ^____________^  OK, so we’ve discussed this many times before but Enjolras/Feuilly is definitely a ‘10′ ship for me (maybe an ‘11′ by now?  XD).  ^_^  They’re just too adorable because they respect and admire each other SO MUCH and can you imagine how good they’d be for each other?  I mean, they both suck at self-care because they get too wrapped up in their causes, but they’d be SO GOOD at taking care of each other.  *_*

But it took them a long time to get there.

They have such a slow courtship.  Seriously.  SO. SLOW.

When they first met, Feuilly was very closed off emotionally.  He was passionate, sure, but he didn’t open up about himself much.  He was quick to take up a cause, but slow to let anyone else in.  He’d lost too much in his life and he’d been hurt too often and it had turned him shy of making new friendships.  And he’d been so focused on getting out and doing better for himself that romance just never seemed to be in the cards.

Enjolras, OTOH, was an open book… he’d just never really thought about dating much. 
There were always other things
which took precedence – school, friends, injustice.  Who had time for
romance, right? 

If pressed he’d have
said that he was asexual and aromantic, since a history of a lack of interest must mean something, right?

But when he meets Feuilly, they just *click*.

Pfft.  No, they don’t.

(More behind the cut because this is getting long and turning into a mini-fic, good grief. O_o;;;)

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Oh my gosh I love thiiiis. and I can picture it so well, I love this backstory for them! thank you! 😀

Aw, yay!  I’m glad you like it!  😀  SLOW BURN ENJOLRAS/FEUILLY GIVES ME LIIIIIIIIIIFE.  ^__________^  Especially poor awkward Enjolras trying to be so cool and just… NOT.  XD  And Feuilly slowly, slowly, slowly, learning to trust him?  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~~~~~!!  XD

(*coughs*  Sorry.  Don’t mind me. I’m just over here having Feuillings.  ^_~)

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Les Mis Modern Aesthetic, Couples Edition: Enjolras x Feuilly
(I was starting to get skeptical that I’d…”

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AW.  Yay!  😀  I’m glad you like it!  ^_^  And I STILL want to write more of it.  So, maybe tomorrow?  *crosses fingers*  I kind of built the story as I was picking the pictures, so I’m excited to get to write it, now.  ^____^


Les Mis Modern Aesthetic, Joly

He was the gayest of them all. All these young, maniacal, puny, merry incoherences lived in harmony together, and the result was an eccentric and agreeable being whom his comrades, who were prodigal of winged consonants, called Jolllly. “You may fly away on the four L’s,” Jean Prouvaire said to him.

Les Miserables, Victor Hugo, 3.4.1

Face Claim: Aldis Hodge

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First of all, thank you.  Those tags totally made my night.  XD  (…yes, I stalk my reblogs.  Sorry.  -.-;;;)

Second of all, I will GLADLY babble at you about this particular headcanon, if you like.  JUST SAY THE WORD.  Because it is a fully-formed headcanon with a trilogy of fic attached to it and it is very, VERY near and dear to my heart and I will happily grab any excuse to babble about it.  ^_______^

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“Hello! For the meme please ♡: Accidentally falling asleep together with Jehan and Feuilly”

this is literally the cutest thing ever oh my gosh, I kind of love the idea of undergraduate Feuilly, to Enjolras’ graduate student, fic rec, Enjolras, Feuilly, Jehan Prouvaire

^_________^  First of all, thank you!  ^_^  Second of all, THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS.  Seriously, I love Feuilly being just a little bit younger than everyone.  I love how enthusiastic he is and how he wants to know all the things and make the world a better place and something about that energy just reads as a little bit younger to me?  Plus I’ve seen quite a lot of stories and headcanons which either place them the same age or have Feuilly being older and experienced and I kind of prefer the reverse dynamic?  So.  ^_^  I’m glad you like it, too!

(And it’s possible that writing this may have whetted my appetite for more of that dynamic and that I’m contemplating a longer piece for Rare Pair Week.  Just saying.  ^_~)

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AAAAH, thank you!!  ^______^  That’s exactly what I was aiming for!  ^____^  And since you’re the best aesthetic post maker I know, that means a lot!  ^_^  *big hugs*  (And thank you again for letting me borrow him!  ^_^)

♗ for Marius & Courfeyrac (platonically if possible?)



♙:Sharing a bed…

EDIT: so I realised the font was too small and my crappy eyes made a mistake, this wasn’t the prompt you picked. I’m sorry. ;-;

Marius hadn’t really been sleeping; he had been in bed, and his eyes had been closed, but unfortunately, the images he had been projecting on the inside of his eyelids had been a little too flat, not quite bright enough to be dreams.

If he’d been asleep, he certainly would have awoken when he heard the floorboards creak as Courfeyrac moved towards his bed – no, as Courfeyrac sat on his bed. No, lie. On Marius’ bed, above the covers.

“Courfeyrac?” Marius called, alarmed.

“Don’t worry, my friend,” Courfeyrac was laughing, but it was a pitiful sound, wet and weak and broken. “I am quite dressed. Don’t worry.”

The autumn night was too dark for Marius to see anything; nevertheless, he turned around, pushing his friend slightly.

“Just get under the covers. It’s cold and you’re freezing.”

Marius’s bed was barely large enough for one man, let alone two, especially considering Courfeyrac’s sturdier build. But somehow, this Courfeyrac felt so much smaller than the man Marius had befriended.

“Thank you, Marius,” Courfeyrac said, and he sounded like he was trying to smile. “Really.”

Marius bought a hand to his friend’s shaking arm. He hoped it was reassuring – he wasn’t sure what had scared Courfeyrac so much, though he had a vague idea. Battles, canons, friends injured, dying by his side. Enemies dying in front of his eyes. Marius suspected his own father had had similar nightmares. Had he ever shared them? Would Marius ever know? Marius’ father had never been able to talk about what he had seen with his son, but perhaps Courfeyrac would feel better after voicing his own demons.

Still, it took Marius nearly five minutes to ask.

“Do, uh. Do you want to talk…? I mean. I’m here.“

But Courfeyrac was already snoring softly, knees curled up against Marius’s side.

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I’M SO GLAD YOU LIKED IT! whenever I write Courfeyrac I think of you honestly and I’m glad you approve ❤ ❤ 

Awwwwwww.  ^________^  Thank you!  And YES.  You captured them SO WELL in this!  And also, because I forgot to mention…

“Courfeyrac?” Marius called, alarmed.

“Don’t worry, my
friend,” Courfeyrac was laughing, but it was a pitiful sound, wet and
weak and broken. “I am quite dressed. Don’t worry.”

OMG, MARIUS, I CAN’T WITH YOU.  XD  And I love that Courfeyrac knew RIGHT AWAY that that’s what had Marius concerned.  OMG, you precious bbs, I CAN’T.  XD

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Just got home from therapy to see these tags and well… you know you’ve done good when you reduce a friend to squeeing.  ^_^  Thank you!!  *big hugs*  I’m really glad you liked it!  😀


That is all.  ^_^

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“Les Amis Modern Aesthetic, Feuilly Feuilly was a workingman, a…”

ahh i like the aesthetic!!

YAY!  😀  Feuilly just always has this autumn/vintage/warm sepia tone feel to me, you know?  And I know we’ve discussed how he’s like… the personification of autumn coziness before, so…  basically that’s what I was going for.  ^_^  I’m glad you like it!