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AW, thank you for the reblog!  And I’m glad you liked it!  As for the ending… I COULDN’T RESIST THE ALLUSION.  I’M SORRY.  OTZ

(…otoh, I didn’t try very hard.  ;D)

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Eep!  *blush*  Thank you so much!  😀  (And I rather enjoyed writing that line, so I’m glad you liked it, too!  ^_~)

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“Oh. Of course. NOW, I get an idea for a Barricade Day fic. *twitch*…”

*eagerly waits* I am ON BOARD for this. I will wait till next years’ Barricade Days if I must!

😀  YAY!!  Seriously, the idea walloped me during the wedding scene at LM this afternoon, but it was kind of a nebulous “Courfeyrac at Marius’ wedding” kind of thing?  And then on the train home, my brain went “LET’S FIGURE IT OUT” and then the next thing I knew, I was plotting the next LM x HL fic.  ^_^


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I absolutely love this fic for two reasons! One being that it’s amazing and beautiful and I definitely have to reread it again now and second being it was the fic I left the comment on that lead to us talking and becoming friends! ❤

AW.  ^_____^  Thank you!  It definitely has sentimental reasons to me, too, for being our friendship fic.  ^____^  I’m glad you still remember it that fondly!  *big hugs*

You’re such a stunning person and a talented writer!!! What’s the thing you’re proudest of having written? You have plenty of awesome stuff to choose from :)

OH MY GOSH, NONNY.  *blush*  ^_^  I have no idea what prompted this, but thank you so much!  ^_____^

As for the thing I’m proudest of having written, I’d say it probably changes fairly often, actually.  I don’t think there’s really one thing that I’m proudest of writing, but there will be small pieces of a lot of different stories that I’m proud of, moments that I thought I really accomplished what I set out to do with a piece of writing, you know?

A few of the pieces that stick out in my mind, atm, though, since you asked… ^_~

I’m pretty proud of No Man Is An Island, particularly the first chapter.  I was aiming for a particular style of writing – lyrical & folklore-ish – and I think I actually managed it.  I’m not sure I’ve held onto it in recent chapters, but at least in the beginning, it sounds very much how I wanted it to sound.  ^_^

The middle section of the most recent chapter of Muet – This was the first thing I wrote after discovering what filter words were and it was my first attempt to consciously remove them from my writing.  And I feel like in doing so, I finally achieved that dark, noir feel that I’d been aiming for with this story all along.  (Word of warning to anyone who isn’t following this story already – it’s dark.  VERY dark.  Please head the warnings.  O_o;;;)

And finally, any list of stories I’m proud of has to include To Make His Mistress Laugh.  It was the first LM story I wrote once I’d started actually reading the brick and thus realized exactly how much fanon I’d allowed myself to believe was canon up until that point.  This was one of those stories where I tried to turn it around and set it right and I’m still pretty proud of it for that.  Also because Bahorel.  And because I’m still inordinately fond of the pairing I ended up writing for this fic and I think I captured the voice of the other half of the ship better here than I ever have in any other story.  ^_^

There are probably others, in other fandoms, most of them very small, but these are probably the most recent.  ^_^

Thank you, again, nonny!  You totally made my night with this message!  ^_____^

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I wish I could like this about twenty more times. I’m sorry that some suck had to happen to get you to this point, but I am glad that you’re awake and that you’re going to try to stay that way. I just want you to be happy because you deserve all the happiness!

*big hugs*  RIGHT BACK AT YOU.  And thanks.  ^_^  Honestly, I just hope I can hold onto this moment of clarity and motivation.  *crosses fingers*  I am sure as hell going to try, though!

I was planning to do some writing or something tonight.  But this weather has been wreaking havoc with my head.  -.-;;;  So, instead I think I’m just going to curl up with my cat and watch a fluff movie.  Maybe do a little reading.  And hope the headache eases.  😛

I hope you’re all well!