“Are you really going to vote for Clinton just because she isn’t Trump?”

Yes? I would literally elect Chef Boyardee because he isn’t Trump.

Why you should Vote for Hillary if you are a Bernie supporter

College costs:

Bernie:  Free.  Hillary:  Significantly cheaper than currently, free for those who need it.  Trump:  Defrauded poor and working class people for 10s of thousands of dollars of tuition.

Minimum wage:

Bernie: 15   Hillary:  12-15  Trump:  Imported undocumented workers and underpaid them to work on his projects.  Currently makes his clothing line in China for tiny wages.

Foreign wars:  Bernie:  Probably not.  Hillary:  As prudent.  Trump:  NUCLEAR FUCKING PROLIFERATION!!! NOW!!!

Immigration:  Hillary and Bernie:  Path to citizenship.  Trump:  THROW THEM OUT! BUILD A WALL!

Taxes:  Bernie:  Deep tax increases on the wealthy (and middle class).  Hillary:  Some tax increases on the wealthy.  Trump:  Cut’em.  Cut’em all!

Racism:  Bernie:  Solving income inequality will solve racism.  Hillary:  we need a good plan to increase opportunities to minorities beyond solving income inequality.  Trump:  Yeah, dun care.

Sexism:  Bernie:  Solving income inequality will solve sexism.  Hillary:  Full support of all equal rights issues.  Trump:  Ladies, all your vag are belong to me (no fatties).

Gun control:  Bernie:  Mayyyyyybbbie, if you convince me hard enough.  Hillary:  Yep.  Trump:  Shoot’em if you gott’em.

Please do not listen to 25 years of GOP propaganda.  Hillary has worked on progressive causes for 40 years. 
She was the 11th most liberal senator while in the Senate.

Due to Republican hatred, she is the most investigated person in the country and nothing has ever come of it.  She is not a criminal, she could not be a criminal, they would have found something they could have trumped up charges on in 25 years of endless, ongoing investigations.  She’s been abused by the GOP and burned by the press over and over and is still pursuing her goal.  She is smart and ambitious and experienced and tenacious and knowledgeable and practical and none of those are bad things for a President.  Jill Stein may be a nice woman, but she has no governmental experience and practically no platform.  Gary Johnson is a Republican who cares less about social issues.  Hillary and Bernie have more politically in common than any other candidates.    Please, if you care about the issues that Bernie cares about, think about voting Hillary.