the thing that Gets To Me about mark hamill’s treatment of luke’s gender and sexuality doesn’t really have anything to do with luke being gay because like. i’ve never watched these movies. 

but it touches me so much, so deeply, because so often when creators or actors are asked questions like this, they either laugh it off or condescend to their fans. we get mocked for hoping our heroes could be like us, and it’s like – it’s just another slap in the face when you’re already being ridiculed by the culture all the time anyway. 

“if you think luke is gay, of course he is!” is a statement that is about way more than luke skywalker’s sexuality. it’s someone saying that if seeing yourself reflected in The Hero is good for you – if it eases your pain, if it helps you navigate your trauma, if it brings you comfort – then of course you can. you don’t need permission. of course luke skywalker can be gay! 

it is just so empowering and so good to not feel like the butt of a joke for daring to see myself in characters that i love. 

praise be to luke skywalker, the trans gay hero we all deserve


I know I’m late to the party but can we please talk about Ben Kenobi from Star Wars #15

I mean look at this loser: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Professional Mother Hen 

He still talks to Qui-Gon, which is both amusing and heartbreaking:

He is called upon to beat up a bunch of sandpeople, and to him it’s like a jog in the park:

When people come knocking at odd hours, he doesn’t even bother picking up his weapon, he just levitates it just out of view of the door

He still has dimples and is still SASSY AS HELL




His life is just one heartbreaking reminder after another

And he’s getting older

But he’s still the most badass Jedi around,

with a heart of gold to match – and I’m fairly sure his smile can cure some illnesses:

Conclusion: Ben Kenobi is, in fact, the exact cinnamon roll that we’ve been looking for.




#6: Thomas More’s execution (season 2, episode 5).

“I ask you to bear witness with me that I shall now suffer death in and for the faith of the Holy Catholic Church. I beg you earnestly to pray for the King, and tell him I died his good servant but God’s first.”





Mark Hamill gets bitten by a snake on the set of The Empire Strikes Back

This is why Mark Hamill is one of my all time favorites. He could’ve easily said something negative about the snake, even jokingly, but instead he takes responsibility for scaring it during its shed. He shouldn’t have dropped the poor thing, but I’m sure it startled him too.

still lmao @ “It was a little love nip”

OMG there’s video this time I’ma reblog this one too





Okay let me explain you a thing about Feuilly

Canonically, Feuilly is not obsessed with Poland because he likes Polish culture or the language or the food or something

Poland is Feuilly’s favorite cause

because at the time, Poland was not self-governing, but divided (partitioned) into three parts and ruled by Russia, Prussia, and Austria, and many young Romantics and politically aware students adopted Poland as their pet cause

Feuilly, being extremely compassionate and almost entirely self-taught, would have found the partitioning of Poland absolutely horrifying, and therefore would have been extremely passionate about the cause

(and yes there was definitely humor in Hugo having Feuilly go into battle to overthrow the French king shouting for Poland, but the point still stands)

I feel like I’ve made this post before and I’m certain others have too but I’m gonna say it again because it makes me really mad when I read Les Mis modern AUs that have him still obsessed with Poland because he’s just in love with Poland without the authors understanding why Poland was his thing in the 18320s and 30s

In the modern day and age I feel like Feuilly would be much more concerned with things like civil and ethnic wars in Sub-Saharan Africa or the ongoing struggle in northern Africa for democratic government or the mess is still Israel and Palestine or the ethnic minorities in the Middle East and Asia who suffer from religious persecution and racism daily and are chased out of towns or even countries more than once a generation

It’s not the country he loves, okay? It’s that he’s concerned for the people, oppressed and divided

and I’m going to keep screaming this until it gets through peoples’ heads because you’re missing the entire point of the character

I’ve got a nit to pick regarding Feuilly shouting “Vive la Pologne.” It might seem like a strangely obsessive thing to say on your way to build a barricade in Paris, but it’s not there for comic relief. His acknowledgement of Poland wasn’t for the Parisians, it was for the Polish immigrants.

The reason Poland especially was his thing in 1832 is that in 1831 a major uprising in the Russian partition of Poland was brutally crushed. Many of those involved ended up fleeing to Paris where they formed a very politically active community. By 1832 there were loads of Polish language political journals and newspapers circulating.

These immigrants found Louis-Philippe disappointing, too. France was supposed to be their ally and they were kind of  expecting help to go back and liberate their country. Thus, loads of Polish groups in Paris ended up allying with French republicans. I expect Feuilly was calling on them to join the rebellion by expressing solidarity with the Polish cause and indicating that a republican government WOULD want to help them out.


Also, allegedly one of the most moving parts of Lamarque’s funeral (and something that definitely tipped the tone of the event towards ‘revolutionary’) was a procession of political exiles carrying the flags of their home countries, most of which didn’t even exist as countries at the time—Poland, Germany, Italy.

@kostyalevin, reblogging this post in answer to your question about Poland! I think it covers the topic pretty well!