This puppy is sooooo cute! Mini Aussie Oakley is sleepy but doesn’t skip a beat when he hears his favorite song ‘Let It Go’ come on the radio and starts singing along to it in the most adorable way!

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Tumblr, this seems like the perfect job for you. We all know Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary is like the best place ever, and now they’ve sounded the horn of Gondor and are calling for aid. If you don’t live nearby, or can’t foster, maybe boost? Do it for Leo and for Mildred, and Captain Ron. 


apparently there’s a dude in Canada who has about 150 sled dogs, and every year in the fall, a group of about 7 polar bears come by and play with the dogs – like, literally, they play together and mock-fight and cuddle and just hang out – before the polar bears go up north when the bay freezes to hunt for seals. and they come back every year.

if that wouldn’t make an amazing animated movie I don’t know what would.





They think he’s a baby cow.