I just realized I never posted this from Sunday.  Oops.  ^_^

6 1/3″ wide x 9 1/4″ long x 1/2″ thick; quarter cloth case binding; light-weight bookboard; 120
sheets; 64 lb. (95 g/sq.m.) charcoal paper; inner covers of canvas texture 65# cardstock; hand made
100% cotton bookcloth cover with ribbon embellishment and bookmark; hand-sewn; bound by hand

I didn’t have time to make Arbender a scarf before his last day, but I didn’t want to show up empty handed, either, so I made him a journal and told him he had an IOU for the scarf (and he loved the Bahorel pattern, BTW ^_~), but I was NOT expecting the reaction I got from him about this journal.  ^_^  His eyes went HUGE and he broke into this amazing grin and was just like “NO WAY.  No. Way.  You made this?  This is for me?” and it was BEYOND ADORABLE.  ^____^  In addition, it turned out to be amazing timing, too.  Apparently he starts a new journal for every show that he’s in and he had just been starting to think about picking one up for his next show… and now he doesn’t have to!  And that is adorable and amazing and just AW.  ^_________^  I’m glad that he’ll have a use for it!