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bad reputation by joan jett // i won’t grow up by audra mae // hit me with your best shot by pat benatar // what is this feeling by idina menzel and kristin chenoweth // fuck you by lily allen // royals by lorde // black sheep by gin wigmore // i am the best (english cover) by 2ne1 or yabisi





“One Day More” from Les Miserables at the NY Pops Do You Hear the People Sing concert May 2, 2016.




y’all gotta listen to this marius

just wait for him to do the thing

you’ll know it when you hear it







(Also you can hear me slam into the back of my chair first before I say wow xD and later on whisper “Holy shit!!!” to Amy)

This is amazing, oh my gOD. This is literally one of the best Empty Chairs I’ve ever heard I!!!!! Wow!

Les Mis Audios *Gifted Upon Requests*


I seldom gift audio recordings since I’m not sure about the view of masters. But those are some audios marked as *Gifted Upon Requests* so I guess those masters (couldn’t be kinder) are glad to spread them around. 🙂 If you are a trader, please keep them as *GUR* stuff. 

Reblog or Like if you take. Hope you enjoy! 😀

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an updated collection of aaron tveit covering songs and not changing pronouns


  • Take Me or Leave Me from Rent; Aaron as Maureen (and Gavin Creel as Joanne) — “this diva needs her stage” “don’t you want your girl hot” etc
  • As Long As He Needs Me from Oliver; Aaron as Nancy — tw: the song is from the point of view of a woman in an abusive relationship
  • Popular from Wicked; Aaron as Galinda— “Now that I’ve chosen to become a pal, a sister, and adviser”
  • Back to Before from Ragtime; Aaron as Mother — “I was your wife”
  • Fly, Fly Away from Catch Me If You Can; Aaron as Brenda — “He was just a lonely little boy to me / with his sweet and gentle touch he sure unlocked my soul”
  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together — “So anyway, like, the other day he calls me up, right? He’s like ‘I still love you’”


Hi there! Since our favorite Scot happens to be an excellent singer (and actually loves it!), I decided to make a little masterpost of all the time he has been singing, whether it is in his movies or in real life. Please do not steal my post as I took an awfully long time gathering it. Thank you! – @ewanmcgregod
P.S: If I missed a song, a clip or if a link is broken, please let me know so i can fix it! Thanks 🙂

  • Your Song – Moulin Rouge soundtrack [x]
  • Come What May – Moulin Rouge soundtrack [x]
  • Come What May [Original Film Version] – Moulin Rouge soundtrack [x]
  • Come What May [Finale] – Moulin Rouge soundtrack [x]
  • Elephant Love Medley – Moulin Rouge soundtrack [x]
  • El Tango de Roxanne – Moulin Rouge soundtrack [x]
  • The Hills Are Alive – Moulin Rouge soundtrack [x]
  • One Day I’ll Fly Away – Moulin Rouge soundtrack [x]
  • Angels ft.Robbie Williams – Robbie Williams [x]
  • Hourglass – Catfish and the Bottlemen [x]
  • The Sweetest Gift – Sade cover [x]
  • Running to Stand Still – U2 [x]
  • Heroes – David Bowie [x]
  • Show Me the Way to Go Home – Ewan singing in ‘Cassandra’s Dream’ [x]
  • Here’s To Love – Ewan singing in ‘Down With Love’ [x]
  • The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo – Charles Coborn [x]
  • She is Far From the Land – Ewan singing in “Nora” [x]
  • The Green Isle of Erin – Ewan singing in “Nora” [x]
  • Beyond The Sea – Bobby Darin [The video has been unfortunately shut down but you can see it if you watch the movie ‘A Life Less Ordinary’]
  • Let Me Teach You How To Dance – Ewan singing in ‘Miss Potter’ [x]
  • Round Our Way – Oasis [x]
  • Lass Of Aughrim – Susan McKeown [x]
  • Lass Of Aughrim (Reprise) – Susan McKeown [x]
  • Gimmer Danger – Iggy Pop & The Stooges [x]
  • Friday I’m In Love – The Cure [x]
  • TV Eye – The Stooges [x]
  • Silent Worship “Did You Not Hear My Lady?” – Ewan sining in ‘Emma’ [x]
  • Ewan randomly singing in Long Way Round episode 1 [x]
  • Ewan randomly singing in Long Way Round episode 2 [x]
  • Flower of Scotland [x]
  • Ewan singing with Esther [x]
  • Luck Be A Lady – Guys and Dolls West End [x]


13th April 2016, Evening

Luke Mccall (Valjean Debut), Jeremy Secomb (Javert), Patrice Tipoki (Fantine), Adam Pearce (Thenardier), Tamsin Dowsett (Mme Thenardier), Eva Noblezada (Eponine), Zoe Doano (Cosette), Craig Mather (Marius), Bradley Jaden (Enjolras), Jo Parsons (Factory Foreman, then continued in his usual Grantaire track), Jordan Lee Davis (Bamatabois), there were many swings and I wish I could tell you who, but they don’t keep their cast board up to date unfortunately.

Luke started off really strong, his prologue was probably his best moment vocally (also yay for Jesus hair!) Some of the high notes in soliloquy were a bit rough, but he styled it out with some shorter notes and dramatic shouts, he pulled it off and made it work for him. It was the same for the end of Who Am I, but he was okay after then. The Confrontation punch was a bit timid, they seemed to be almost all the way over into the wings, and Jeremy landed off (he usually ends up on his back over stage left, but he was on his front with a leg up swenson style stage right) and then the revolve was a few seconds late in moving so he was still lying on the floor during the first bars of Castle on a Cloud, but Luke made up for it by shoving Javert really hard in Valjean’s revenge so Javert skidded really far across the floor and his cravat nearly came off. At the end of Waltz of Treachery Cosette’s bonnet wouldn’t stay on so that’s the reason for the audience laughter there. He fluffed several lines in Valjean’s confession and there was an awkward bit where they sang over each other and then there was silence. He sounds very young and he looked very young, but his voice is very pretty especially his mid-range and lighter high notes. He suits Enjolras much better, but he carried well and I enjoyed watching him. Tamsin delivers as Mme Thenardier, no complaints here, and Adam as Thenardier had some funny adlibs and also does the threatening side that I really wish Phil Daniels would play up. Eva’s acting is fab and her voice is absolutely gorgeous, but I wish she’d  add a bit more…idk, grit? Rawness? It’s early in her run so I’m sure she’ll grow, but she sounds almost like Cosette. Speaking of, Zoe’s last AHFOL note was absolutely beautiful. Jeremy continues to be the most talented human on that stage, his Stars always gets a crazy reaction and he deserves it, his voice is SO powerful and his acting is wild and I say this all the time about him so I’ll wrap this up here. Please don’t copy paste this text onto your trading site, listen yourself and make your own notes or paraphrase at the least. 

Trade it, hoard it, feed it to your fish, whatever, I’d love for you to gift it if asked. Download Here.