Hand-bound case bound journal, currently available in my Etsy Shop, Irenical Arts.

Listing can be found here.

This journal is 9.25 x 6.25 inches, made with high quality (64 lb. / 104 g/sq.m.), unlined, drawing paper (128 sheets) and light-weight bookboard for the covers. It is covered in a quarter cloth style with a fox print fine paper and handmade 100% cotton bookcloth in gold with a green ribbon bookmark. These vibrant, refreshing colors are sure to inspire creativity!

This journal is hand-bound in a case binding technique with thread and PVA glue.

Whether you choose to use it as a journal, a sketchbook, a scrapbook, or you come up with another use entirely, I hope this journal will be an inspiration to you and a suitable place to keep your deepest thoughts, fondest memories, and creative endeavors!

6 1/4″ wide x 9 1/4″ long x 1/2″ thick; quarter cloth case binding; light-weight bookboard; 128 sheets; 64 lb. (95 g/sq.m.) charcoal paper; inner covers of canvas texture 65# cardstock; cover of hand made 100% cotton bookcloth and fine paper with ribbon bookmark; hand-sewn; bound by hand

Also still available: Pink Blue Gold Black coptic stitch journal, Blue Gold Green Purple coptic stitch journal, and Gold Red Brown with Butterflies Case Bound Journal



I Shall Give You Wings (5390 words) – [AO3] []

“If you’re trying to convince me you’re not in a relationship of some sort, you’re going to have to try a lot harder than this.”

Feuilly finally gets up the courage to introduce Courfeyrac to
Darnell, the only family he’s ever known.  But how can he explain to
Darnell exactly what they mean to each other, when both he and
Courfeyrac are still so uncertain themselves?

November 15, 2015: It’s finally done! So… this was originally supposed to be my
contribution to Feuilly Week – the third story in my aro/ace!Courfeyrac
x Feuilly ‘verse. *coughs* It’s uh… about a month after the end of
Feuilly Week now, but BETTER LATE THAN NEVER? -.-;;; Enjoy? ^_^

Note: Because I realize this may cause confusion, for the sake of
this story, Feuilly’s first name is MIguel. And since this story is
told from Darnell’s perspective, that’s the name he uses. ^_^

Chapters: 1/1
Les Misérables – All Media Types
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Courfeyrac & Feuilly, Joly/Musichetta
Characters: Courfeyrac (Les Misérables), Feuilly (Les Misérables), Joly (Les Misérables), Musichetta (Les Misérables), Original Male Character(s)
Additional Tags: Family Feels, Aromantic Asexual Character, Aromantic, Asexual Character, Asexual Relationship, Friendship/Love, Found Family, Coming Out, Meet the Family, POV Outsider
Series: Part 3 of Fais de Beaux Rêves


A Dream Deferred (10585 words)Read on [AO3] []

January 22, 2015: RIGHT. So, a few weeks back, I saw the new Annie movie and fell a bit in love. And as my muse is wont to do these days, everything I love gets related back to Les Mis. I walked out of that movie and all I could think about was what Feuilly’s reaction to this movie would be. And that got all tangled up in my Aro/Ace Courfeyrac/Feuilly universe from Fais de Beaux Rêves. I never intended for this to end up as long as it did, but somehow this ended up all tangled up in Feuilly’s backstory on top of that. I’d apologize, but… I’m not sorry? ^_~

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Les Misérables – All Media Types
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Platonic Relationship – Relationship, Courfeyrac & Feuilly, Minor or Background Relationship(s)
Characters: Feuilly (Les Misérables), Courfeyrac (Les Misérables)
Additional Tags: Background Enjolras/Grantaire – Freeform, Platonic Male/Male Relationships, Friendship/Love, Friendship, Unrequited Love, Original Character(s), Foster Care, Child Neglect, Past Child Abuse, Background Les Amis de l’ABC, Minor Character(s), combeferre – Freeform, Enjolras – Freeform, Fantine – Freeform, Mentions of Racism, Mentions of Gun Violence, Asexual Relationship, Aromantic Asexual Character
Series: Part 2 of Fais de Beaux Rêves