replied to your post
“OMG, guys, please quick–someone reply to this!  I want to answer a…”

I HAVE REPLIES NOW! I HAVE REPLIES NOW! I literally gasped when I saw the reply button on my phone! *throws glitter* WE ARE NO LONGER ISOLATED IN THE VOID!!!!!

I AM SO GLAD THAT YOU HAVE REPLIES NOW.  😀  *clings to you*  I AM NOT LETTING GO. NEVER EVER EVER.  ^_______________^



Ok so, replies are back and:

  • It seem like not everyone has the update yet.
  • You can reply multiple times to same post.
  • You can reply to your own post (but it won’t show up in your notes)
  • You can only reply to the original posts – not reblogs.
  • If you have xKit’s One Click Reply-extension and Classic Notification-extension you’ll be able to reply to replies by clicking as it shows up on your dash (if no Classic Notification, you can reach it by going to your notes-widget).
    • Since your replies to yourself won’t show up in notes you can’t reply to your self-replies this way.
  • You got 3 choices as for who can reply to your posts:
    • Everyone
    • Ppl you follow + ppl who’s been following you for 1 week+
    • Ppl you follow
  • You can’t turn off replies completely
  • Reblogs with comments and replies alike show up in little speech bubbles in notes if you click on a post’s notes. (The notes got a new look in general too it seem.)
  • You can only reply to ppl who already got the update.
  • Replies can’t be deleted.
  • Holding in Shift while you click Enter/Return will let you make line breaks while replying to a post, clicking Enter/Return without Shift on the other hand sends your Reply.
  • Letter count seem to be 475.

I think that’s not entirely true about not being able to reply to reblogs?  Because I was able to reply to a post that someone had made and then reblogged – I replied to the reblogged post.  So, maybe the reblogged post has to be that person’s original post for you to be able to reply, but if it’s someone else’s post, you can’t?


Holy moly, replies are back

Your familiar friend for talking about posts is rolling out over the next few days, and it’s learned a ton since it’s been away. Now replies let you:

  • Reply multiple times to a post.
  • Reply to your own posts. 
  • See all of a post’s replies in one place.
  • Decide who can and can’t reply to you. (It’s in your blog settings.)

All that adds up to being able to talk about a post, right inside of a post, even as it travels from Tumblr to Tumblr. So, starting with posts created today, you’ll see a new notes view to help you follow that conversation. Looook:


If you’ve been waiting for this, thanks for your patience. If you’re new to replies, come discover their unique flavor. Spicier than a like, sweeter than a reblog, served on a big family-style platter. All part of a balanced diet. Have fun replying, Tumblr.

Want more details? You can get the nitty-gritty on replies and notes over in our help docs.