A-ha! That was the plan. The police thinks we’re cats, but they were fooled! We actually have a dog with us. 


Courfeyrac, how dapper you are today! Today, and every day.

I may or may not have gotten a little overenthusiastic with the white gel pen.


Combeferre with ADHD

Combeferre with a completely rubbish working memory who can tell you about the anatomy of moths in exhaustive detail but has to stop and think hard before he can say what he had for breakfast and needs to write down all homework assignments and other responsibilities immediately or risk forgetting them entirely.

Combeferre hyperfocusing on whatever book he’s reading and being impervious to outside distraction.

Combeferre having days when he can’t focus on anything at all and roaming through the streets because he can’t sit still and keeps noticing every single distraction around him when he tries to get anything done.

Combeferre toying with anything he can find to keep his hands busy so that he can concentrate on other things.

Combeferre with a complete inability to keep his room neat and organized.

Combeferre who got through school as a kid by being brilliant and now doesn’t know how to study and is having to cram the knowledge into his brain and feeling like a failure because he’s doing fine in his classes but he could be doing so much better if he just tried harder.

(Modern AU Combeferre finally getting an explanation for what’s wrong and it’s like a weight is lifted off his shoulders because it all makes sense now.)





There are posts about Finn that come across my dash frequently that really concern me.

It’s not that I don’t think musings about what a sweet innocent soul he is and imagining what his humble life must’ve been like are coming from a loving place, but Finn’s character has already been filled in via a canon source, and it was not humble. 

Read the novel “Before the Awakening,” where you will learn that while FN-2187 may have pulled shifts as a janitor just like any military trainee has to work some shit jobs, he was actually the absolute rock star of his elite band of Stormtroopers. He was the natural leader, the best of them all, the highest scores in every possible measure, someone Phasma and Hux were well aware of as the shining example of what their pet Stormtrooper program could accomplish. He was everything they’d worked for for years.

The only problem was, he cared too much about his fellow Stormtroopers, even though they didn’t return the feeling, due to indoctrination and some envy of his superiority. It is pretty obvious, reading BtA, that Finn is Force sensitive. It is that Force sensitivity that set him apart, and made him the one who could overcome a lifetime of indoctrination and get out.

I know it’s the fault of the film for sketching him so lightly, but guys, it is crucial that we start acknowledging who Finn is, and his strengths. Which, canonically, are leadership, strategy, all the skills a commander must have. I worry that there is too much PRECIOUS PURE CINNAMON ROLL going on and not enough shared knowledge of his *canon character background and gifts*.

Please spread the word about Finn. This sort of thing shortchanges him horribly. When the FO lost FN-2187, they lost more than just another Stormtrooper. They lost a future general, and the Resistance picked one up.

“They lost a future general, and the Resistance picked one up.” 

Gentle reminder that book canon is malleable and not everyone reads them. Especially in fandoms where 20 years of book canon was recently wiped away. (We were told they were canon until Lucas decided otherwise at the time. Still.)