can someone explain the alignment chart for me but in like, the simplest wording possible lmao

lawful good: i want to do the right thing, and following society’s rules is the best way to do that

neutral good: i want to do what’s right, and i’m willing to bend or break the rules as long as no one gets hurt

chaotic good: i’m willing to do whatever it takes as long as it’s to do the right thing

lawful neutral: following the rules of society is the most important thing, and that matters more to me than doing what’s right

true neutral: i just want myself and the people i care about to be happy

chaotic neutral: i want my freedom, and i don’t care what i have to do to keep it

lawful evil: to impede the protagonists (in whatever evil way) is my primary goal, but i follow my own code of morals even when it’s inconvenient

neutral evil: to impede the protagonists (in whatever evil way) is the my primary goal, and while i’ll do what it takes to achieve it, i also won’t go out of my way to do unnecessary damage

chaotic evil: i relish in destruction and want to do as much damage as possible while i try to achieve my primary goal

Here is a handy visual guide I made a while back. Part of my intention was to show the variety of ways that each of the alignments can be represented:

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FINALLY, I finished something I’m very proud of: the new, updated, accurate, and cited Face Claim Directory v2.0! Granted, there are far fewer faces in this one……so far. The good news is that I’ll be updating it with who you want to see in it. Meanwhile, you can still access the old FC directory here. But first let me convince you why this version is a million times better.

  • As shown above, you can select multiple categories at once. POC in their early 20s who are actors? You got it. Blonde females with freckles? You bet.
  • There are more categories. You can select by occupation, gender identity, age group (no longer will you have to compare 20 to 29 year olds… that’s a wide range of ages!!), ethnicity (including an all-POC option), eye colour, hair colour, and then some extras like freckles, facial piercings, and plus size FCs, with more miscellaneous items to come!
  • No more having to argue with me over a FC’s ethnicity or gender identity! Simply click the links provided when you hover over the picture and you’ll be taken to a source verifying the FC’s identity.
  • It’s going to contain who you want to be in there. No longer will I selfishly include obscure favourites of mine (except for a few I want to see used more….I can’t help it). As of November 4th, I’ve included extremely popular FCs, my personal faves, and a few to contribute to some bare categories and add to the diversity of the directory.

What you need to do is submit to me a list of your favourite FCs I may have left out. I don’t expect you to check and make sure they aren’t already included (although that would be sweet if you did), so just list. Even just off the top of your head. I will try to update once a week with at least 100 additional FCs.

Enjoy! Here it is. Thank you for following me and for your patience. You guys are the best. -Dia