I’m only up to page 62, but these are some of my favorite bits from Matthew Stover’s book adaptation of Revenge of the Sith

I’M GLAD I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE SO AFFECTED.  Seriously, this book is a PROBLEM.  Every time I find a new quote I love (and you hit quite a few of my favorites there!), I end up going back and rereading that whole section just to experience the awesomeness of the quote again.  And this KEEPS HAPPENING.  So by the time I get to page 20, I’ve read those 20 pages probably about 5 times.  I’M NEVER GOING TO FINISH THIS BOOK.  O_o;;;  IT’S A PROBLEM.


Anakin sometimes thinks of the dread that eats at his heart as a
dragon. Children on Tatooine tell each other of the dragons that
live inside the suns; smaller cousins of the sun-dragons are
supposed to live inside the fusion furnaces that power everything
from starships to Podracers.

But Anakin’s fear is another kind of dragon. A cold kind. A dead kind.

Not nearly dead enough.


Together, they are unstoppable. Unbeatable. They are the ultimate go-to guys of the Jedi Order. When the Good Guys absolutely, positively have to win, the call goes out.