I’m seeing a thinkpiece on why Jessica Jones will beat Supergirl and, like…

*Grabs Megaphone*

Women are not subject to the rules of Highlander! There can be more than one female-led superhero show! They can serve different demographics and interests! Stop pitting all women against each other in some sick, subtly sexist Battle Royale!

*puts down Megaphone*

*picks up Megaphone*

Did anyone lose a Megaphone? I found this one and it has the name Brittany on it but I’m not Brittany, so like…

I find this especially idiotic because it’s not like they’re competing for ratings since Jess Jones is a fucking Netflix show that can be watched literally whenever and however people want. It’s not like people have to choose between them or anything.

“There’s a second female-led superhero show with powers.”

“Well, shit.  Pack it up, we’re going home.”

“What’s going to replace us?”

“They’ve already greenlit a new show about the manly pain that can only be felt by able-bodied straight white men as they make their manly way through a conflicted world.”

“…shit.  We never stood a chance.”

You would think that any competent show runner would look at the popularity of a similar show and think, “Wow, there’s really a market for shows with female superheroes! We need to stress what the two shows have in common in our ads!” Not “People like that show a lot, even though ours been around for four whole weeks longer. Clearly no one could like both! We will never acquire a bigger audience. We should give up right now!”