People argued a lot about “separating the art from the artist” when Woody Allen’s molestation of his daughter became impossible to ignore. However, here’s the thing: almost all of Woody Allen’s work is about a thinly guised version of him. A lot of it is about some old weird creep having a sexual relationship with a younger, beautiful woman under a clear imbalance of power. How the hell am I supposed to separate the art from the artist?

I have no desire to see Woody Allen make a movie about a professor entering a relationship with his student. I have no desire to hear R. Kelly sing about sex. It’s disgusting. It’s them describing their loathesome crimes through art.



I’m here for the girls who unwillingly consented to sex or sexual
acts because they were in a situation where they didn’t feel as if they
had the right to say no and now feel violated but don’t feel like they
can say they were raped or molested.

this is probably one of the most important text posts i have ever
seen because i feel like this is a HUGE issue among teenagers especially
young girls in today’s social culture and nobody talks about it. nobody
tells you that you were in fact abused and sometimes it takes you years
to finally realize what happened to you was wrong, and it’s really
scary and confusing! we need to teach each other that “rape” or
“molestation” can happen in many circumstances and not just the ones we
are taught!!!!