GUYS. THIS IS IMPORTANT. The petition calling for a second referendum based on the fact that the leave vote lacked a majority of 60% has crashed because of how many people are signing!! The petition only required 100,000 signatures to be put to parliament. THE REFERENDUM IS NOT LEGALLY BINDING. Which means there is a chance we can change this. PLEASE when the site is back up sign the petition. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE OVER 18. LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD THROUGH THIS BECAUSE THEY WEREN’T LISTENED TO IN THE FIRST PLACE. Parliament has to consider the second referendum for debate. The more signatures, the harder it’ll be for them to ignore. It isn’t much but it is worth a try.

Please sign it! IT IS BACK UP NOW

It’s up to 435000 nearly but pls keep going guys, just in case

Approaching 3 million signatures! British followers please please please sign

Jury is out as to whether this is a waste of time or not… WORTH A BLOODY SHOT THOUGH INNIT and it only takes a minute



There is a petition to try and call another referendum about the EU, with a rule asking for a 60% majority before a decision is made. Yes this is a shitty time, but hopefully there’s still a chance to fix things. The Leave campaign have already gone back on some of their promises before the referendum, so please, if you can, can you sign this? If we get 100 000 signatures parliament have to debate it, so please. Even if you’re not in the UK if you can share this to try and get it out there, that would be fantastic. Here’s the link:





Since joining Tumblr, I’ve met a lot of young queer people. Look, I’m a bisexual man in a gay relationship, and I’m approaching 30. I was still a kid when Matthew Shepard’s story was being covered on the news. I remember thinking, “I better keep my mouth shut about these feelings I’m having.”

And then I met Dominic when I was 12, and people could see how in love we were. And we got the shit beat out of us. The year I met him, some kids in the grade above me held me down against the bleachers in our gym and stomped on my hand until my fingers broke. Instead of sending me to the nurse, the teacher sent me to the assistant principal to explain the situation. She asked why the kids had beat me up. I said, “They were calling me gay.”

Her response was, “Well, are you?”

My, “I don’t know,” earned a call to my parents, and I was outed. Efforts were made to keep me from seeing Dom. Throughout high school, Dom’s stepmother intensified these efforts. He slept in the basement of the house. Although he was an incredibly talented student, he was prohibited from participating in any extracurriculars. He suffered a lot of physical abuse during those years.

The day he turned 18, he packed up everything he had and walked to my house, and we’ve lived together ever since. Things are better, but they’re not perfect. I’ve had trucks pull up next to me at stoplights and, seeing the pride sticker on my car, through old drinks and garbage into my window. I no longer speak to my dad’s side of the family. I haven’t been to see them for Christmas or Thanksgiving in years. One of my uncles had cornered me at Thanksgiving when I was 17 and said, “I’m not going to judge you, but I’d be happy to break your neck so God can do the judging a little sooner.”

I joined a support group for trans and intersex people. When I joined, 40 people attended regularly. Within the year, the group was half the size it had been. Some couldn’t make it anymore, because they were staying at the shelter, where their stay hinged on them agreeing to instead to attend homophobic sermons. Some were put in correctional therapy. Five of them died. Three of those, I didn’t know, but I knew Alex, the 19 year old who was fag-dragged in Kentucky and died a day later in the hospital, and I knew Stephanie, who went home to Alabama to care for her mom in hospice and was beaten to death with a baseball bat by her mom’s boyfriend.

Tumblr is not reality. The dynamic here does not reflect the dynamic out there. Here’s the part where I finally make a point, and it might be extremely unpopular – but guys, value your allies. Value each other. We are met with enough hate in our daily lives to enter an online safe-space and meet more hate from our own, over petty things. Don’t go after one another over every little thing you find problematic.

Learn to see nuance. Maybe the word “queer” bothers you, and you see a gay man using it as an umbrella term. Maybe someone called a trans man a trans woman because they’re confused about terminology, but the post where they did it was voicing support for the trans community. Maybe someone is just asking a question, wanting to learn more. Stop. Attacking. These. People.

Allies are being driven away. Members of our own community are being ostracized. Others are feeling nervous and estranged, and it’s largely because of places like Tumblr, where the social justice movement is quickly becoming violent and radical. I am begging you, stop nitpicking “problematic” things and start directing your efforts to create real change. When it comes to comes to your allies, forget the “social justice warrior” mentality and put down your torch. Educate calmly. Be respectful. Be understanding. Be forgiving. And I’m certainly not saying that your anger doesn’t have a good place – when you are met with bigots on the street, congress members who want to pass hateful laws, violent protesters, abusive parents, prejudiced teachers, that is when you need to be a warrior. That’s when it counts. In the real world. When you have the opportunity to protect people from real harm. Attacking your would-be allies via anonymous asks is just going to lose us ground in the long run. And we don’t have time for that, not when trans women of color are being murdered every day, not when states are still fighting against marriage equality, not when there are politicians in office who believe that trans people are possessed by demons, not when we’ve just lost 50 brothers and sisters to one gunman, not when the media won’t even admit that the attack was homophobic.

Please step back. Look at the big picture. Look at where we are, globally. Don’t just log on to your safe space and attack your allies over small missteps. That’s like washing the dishes in a house that’s on fire, kids. Let’s fight on the battlefield, and when we come home to each other, let’s just focus on bandaging up our wounds so we can go out and win the war.

Signal boost to this unbelievably important message.

Thank you for this.

Allies are being driven away. Members of our own community are being ostracized. Others are feeling nervous and estranged, and it’s largely because of places like Tumblr, where the social justice movement is quickly becoming violent and radical. I am begging you, stop nitpicking “problematic” things and start directing your efforts to create real change. When it comes to comes to your allies, forget the “social justice warrior” mentality and put down your torch. Educate calmly. Be respectful. Be understanding. Be forgiving.

Microsoft accused of Windows 10 upgrade ‘nasty trick’ – BBC News


If you don’t want Microsoft to cram Win10 down your throat, but you have that stupid little Windows icon in the bottom right corner of your screen that nags you to get Windows 10, do yourselves a favor and go to your control panel. Go to Programs and Features. Go to View Installed Updates and wait for everything to roll up on screen, then sort the updates by name and look for KB 3035583. Uninstall it. Reboot your computer and when it comes back up, go to Windows Updates and check for new updates. As soon as you’re offered KB 3035583, right click on it and choose ‘hide update’ so your computer doesn’t see it and try to pull it down.

rassum frassum Microsoft.

Microsoft accused of Windows 10 upgrade ‘nasty trick’ – BBC News

How to survive the Summer with no A/C


It has been an ungodly hot summer and I don’t know about you guys but my New York apartment has no central air. Here are a few survival tips for not getting heat stroke when you live on the top floor of a walk up and the apartment has a black roof (aka, it’s ten degrees hotter inside than outside and it’s like 98 degrees outside.)

1. Freeze green seedless grapes and eat them constantly like the magically delicious things they are. Seriously guys, even if you’ve never tried this TRY IT. When they’re frozen the insides become a delightful consistency that’s sort of similar to a soft popsicle. This healthy treat will keep you cool and won’t give you indigestion like the 10 popsicles I ate in a row last summer.

2. Cold showers. Now the key to a cold shower is you can’t just jump into freezing water. You start with it lukewarm and then gradually decrease the temperature. The important thing here is to never make it so cold you start to shiver. If you’re shivering you’re actually using up precious energy. You just want to cool down your core and get your hair cold and wet.

3. Braid that wet hair! You’ve accomplished your cold shower so now take your cold hair and french braid it as quickly as possible. You want the cool water against your head for as long as you can. Now sit in front of a fan! Profit.

4. Wrap an ice cube in a summer scarf (silk or nylon or whatever), wrap the scarf around your head with the ice cube on the nape of your neck. It will melt and drip into your collar, but it’ll be totally worth it. If you really want to bask in the coldness, sit in front of a fan.

5. Get big ice packs like what you’d use in a cooler, put one at the head of your bed and one at the foot. It’ll keep your bed cooler if you absolutely have no a/c whatsoever.

6. Drink water. Lots of water. All the water you can. Just carry that water bottle around the apartment with you because chances are you’re a sweaty mess and it’s super easy to get dehydrated.

7. Go ahead and walk around your apartment in as little clothes as possible. I highly recommend a sports bra and boxer shorts. Everyone will get over it once they realize you’re a brilliant nudist who isn’t getting sun stroke.

8. Opening windows can cut down on electricity costs for fans, but don’t open the blinds or shades. The direct sunlight will heat up your room like a microwave.

9. If your apartment is just too miserable, find free or cheap places with a/c in your community. I recommend museums,movies or libraries.

10. Don’t bother trying to apply makeup or doing your hair at home. It’s too damn hot. Just give yourself a little extra time and bring your supplies to work. That way you’ll look fabulous and won’t be dripping mascara down your cheeks on the commute in the subway. And summer is also a great time for updos. Braid that mane or put it up in some way. Don’t bother straightening or curling it. It’s too hot and humid. And the less makeup you wear, the less it’ll sweat off. Wear whatever you feel happy in.

*peeks* Hello?


So… I realize it’s very early to be having this discussion, but I see other people planning weeks and it got me excited.  ^_^  Anyway, I’ll definitely be running a Feuilly Appreciation Week again this year and I was thinking of doing it from October 16th to October 22nd.  If anyone has any strong opinions one way or the other about the timing, please let me know!

If not, then consider this your VERY premature heads-up to put the dates on your calendar.  ^_^  I’ll send out more appropriately timed reminders as we get closer to the date.  ^_^

Thanks everyone!





The EU referendum is on the 23rd JUNE and here’s some scary stats the BBC decided to throw at me this morning: 

“just over a third of 18- to 24-year-olds intend to or are certain to vote, compared with well over two thirds of the over-75s mix that with “those under the age of 35 are roughly twice as likely to vote to stay in as those over the age of 55″

DO YOU SEE WHERE THIS IS HEADING? No? Then let me spell it out for you, Hamilton style:

We are outgunned

We are gonna get ourselves kicked out of the EU if you don’t get your arse down to the polling station and VOTE for us to stay on the 23rd June.

So, here I am, doing my best to convince you to VOTE STAY.



I get it. You’re apathetic. Politics is boring/corrupt/pointless, all the parties are the same, we’re screwed anyway etc etc. I FEEL YOU. Mate, do I feel you. But THIS referendum has NOTHING to do with political parties or alliances, even the muppets running this country are split. THIS is about the SINGLE QUESTION of if you want us to stay, or want us to leave.

And if you don’t vote for us to stay, then the older generation will most likely vote for us to leave. 


The EU has been going pretty great considering it was all one giant experiment, and it’s been swimming along mostly A-OK for years, but then… the Tories got desperate. Last election, they promised a referendum to get some of the right-wing *cough*UKIP*cough* votes, so now, here we are, having a vote about the EU even though, WE HAVE NO FUCKING PROBLEM WITH THE EU.


Being a member of the EU means you can hop across borders as you please: you can study abroad, live abroad, and go on holiday abroad within the EU with much less hassle than if we were outside it. 

But they are also responsible for a bunch of welfare laws that we take for granted: 


👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

But seriously here’s some other things that you might not have realised were thanks to the EU:


At the minute it’s a great symbiotic system where we have plenty of freedom but also, plenty of support. 


Because it sounds like a breakfast cereal and I’m guessing they’re hungry af. Admittedly, we have to pay a fee to be in the EU (but relatively, this is minimal) and it can also mean more “red tape”. But as far as I can tell these are all just very polite ways to say that the EU just have too much gosh darn ~power~ over us. URGH. First of all, this is not the British Empire, we’re allowed to have allies, and it’s a good thing that we have other nations keeping us in check. (And with the Tories destroying the country, you might find yourself hoping that the EU did have more power to keep us in check). Secondly, we’re already a special snowflake in the EU, and they grant us PLENTY of leeway, so it’s not as if they’ve got us by the tighty whiteys. 


The Leave campaign are scapegoating refugees as to why we need to leave the EU which would be hilarious if I didn’t live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by white middle-class racist UKIP voters that are goddamn licking it up. (Cornwall. Don’t even.) They are using the recent “migrant crisis” to emphasise that as soon as someone becomes an EU member they can live anywhere in the EU, as in, all the EU countries that are nicer than we are and actually let people fleeing from their wartorn country stay, can therefore decide to move to the UK. But, yo, leaving the EU won’t stop immigration. And even more hilariously, our borders are actually more likely to be weaker if we leave the EU than stronger.

Putting aside the fact that apparently millions of people in our nation don’t give a fuck about refugees that are in part OUR GODDAMN FAULT and certainly if you’re a human being OUR GODDAMN CONCERN, the Leave campaign are apparently forgetting about OUR IMMIGRANTS. 

As in:


2.2m British nationals that, if we leave the EU, are suddenly dumped into muddy water. Oh yeah, Leave campaign, I really see you caring about them. 


I’ve honestly never seen such hypocrisy in my life. 


The Leave campaign cannot produce a single independent study to show that economically we’d be better off leaving the EU.

jk it’s because we’re NOT.

Our economy is now so tied to the EU that it would be a fucking MESS if we left. It’s 57% of our trade. It’s 1 in 10 of our jobs. It could take us a decade just to untangle ourselves. And, lord knows, we’d never win Eurovision again.


On JUNE 23RD please vote to REMAIN IN THE EU. If you do nothing, it’s likely we’re gonna be outvoted by hypocritical racist UKIP-wankers and get our country in an even worse financial state.

The reason I am here BEGGING my 12 followers and 200 spambots to VOTE TO STAY is because the last time there was a referendum, I was a naive little undergrad, and I thought “this option is so obviously better, everyone’s going to vote for it” and HAHAHAHAHA DID THAT NOT HAPPEN. You may think you don’t need to vote, but YOU DO. 

Governments are only as smart as the people informing them.

We need to give our idiotic government as close to an actual representation of our country’s opinion. That means we need to get our turnout percentage up to AT LEAST two-thirds like the over 75s so that the result of the referendum is an actual reflection of opinion.

That doesn’t happen if you don’t vote. 

So please, check you are registered to vote RIGHT NOW. And on June 23rd, VOTE TO STAY.


We’re already fucked here in the colonies, don’t get fucked over there too!

The European Union isn’t perfect. Infact, it’s in dire need of a damn good rewiring. However, it’s in our best interests to stay. We, the UK, absolutely cannot survive outside of it.

what you need to do if i have a convulsive seizure




I was just complaining to my friend that my oldest sister didn’t know what to do the last time I had a convulsive seizure, and I ended up injured because of it. And my friend said that actually, they don’t know what to do when they see someone have a convulsive seizure, either.

So I thought I’d explain it to you.  I’m not a doctor, and I have no medical training and not everything here will apply to everyone who has convulsive seizures, these are just the things that apply to me, and when in doubt, call an ambulance. 

Here’s what you do:

Look around. Am I lying in the middle of a busy street or on the railroad tracks, or somewhere else dangerous, like in the bathtub? If yes, drag me to somewhere where I am not in imminent danger of being hit by a truck or drowning. 

Am I somewhere safe, but lying near dangerous things like fire or knives or broken glass or pans of boiling water or anything that can hurt me? Move the dangerous things away from me.

My body will be convulsing. That means my head and my arms and my legs are rapidly hitting the ground. Put something soft underneath my head. If there’s a cushion right there, perfect. If not, wad up your coat or shove your shopping bag under my head. If there’s nothing immediately to hand that would take you more than a few seconds to grab, stick your feet underneath my head, it’ll work.

Am I wearing anything around my neck, like a tight collar, or a necktie, or a choker? Loosen it, so my airway is clear.

Don’t restrict my movements – don’t try to hold my arms and legs down. You’ve already moved all the dangerous things away from me, and cushioned my head, so don’t hold me down, unless it is necessary to keep me from doing serious harm.

Don’t put anything in my mouth. A lot of people think you need to stick your fingers or a spoon or something into the person’s mouth to prevent them choking on their tongue.  Don’t do this. 

Try to make a note of the time the seizure first started. If the seizure lasts for longer than five minutes, call an ambulance.

When the convulsing/jerking has stopped, roll me onto my side. If you know what the recovery position is, put me in the recovery position, if you don’t, just roll me onto my side, and check my airway. If I’m not breathing, or I’m having trouble breathing, call an ambulance.

It seems to be instinctive to help someone get back to their feet as soon as the seizure is over. Don’t do this with me. After a seizure, I’m in something called a post-ictal state. It makes me very, very confused, and lying on the ground or sitting somewhere soft is the safest place for me. If you pull me to my feet while I’m still this confused, I will walk directly into traffic or put my hand on a hot stove because I won’t know where I am, or what’s happening, and often I won’t be able to see at all for a few minutes. Keep me somewhere safe until I’ve fully recovered.

If I have another seizure before I’ve fully recovered from the earlier one, call an ambulance.

If you think I might be hurt, or you’re confused or not sure about what to do, call an ambulance.

That’s all there is to it. Make sure I’m not in immediate physical danger; cushion my head (but don’t restrain it); when the jerking stops, roll me onto my side and check my airway; keep me somewhere safe until I’m fully recovered, and if the seizure lasts a long time, or I have a second one, or you aren’t sure what to do or you think I might be hurt, call an ambulance. That’s it. It’s not hard, and I promise you can do this.

The last time I had a convulsive seizure in public, somebody held my arms down and both shoulders dislocated

Also it’s a myth that peope can swallow their tongues

Attention ALL artists!


You sure have seen this post. It has spread like wildfire over the past few days so I doubt there is any artist out there who hasn’t seen it. But even if you didn’t, you should read on because I’m about to tell you a handy little thing that can help you to protect your art from such assholes as the anon who submitted this bullcrap, as well as art thieves in general.

The magic word is Metadata.

Metadata is like an invisible signature that is embeded into a file. It can contain all kinds of information, like Title, date, keywords for online seach engines, and copyright information. And the best thing is, since this information is “hidden” in the code of your picture, it’s hard to remove it.

There is a nice basic tutorial on how to add Metadata, or “additional file information” to your images in photoshop. It’s really, really easy so check it out!

“Adding Your Contact And Copyright Info To Your Photos With Photoshop” on

I’m not sure if you can do the same with any other art program. If you know how to do this in other programs / can confirm that it works the same way there, please tell me so I can add the information to this post.

Adding the Metadata will not stop idiots from taking and reposting your art. It also won’t make them stop editing out your signature. It WILL however, help you prove that you are the original artist whenever you have to.
Always remember my friends. You, the artist, are protected by law. No one has the right to take your intellectual property and hard work and repost, use or edit it without your permission. Ever.