It’s not a replacement! She gets a costume change now :D




and also


She tweeted that the black dress is still in, so I assume this is a new one for the Robbery (a la the first Broadway Revival.)

Well in that case, I actually like this a lot!!

The black dress is iconic, so I’d have been quite upset if it was gone. But it’s also always seemed a bit unfair to me that Cosette not only doesn’t get a lot to sing, but she also wears the same dress her entire life. And the new one is really pretty, so yay!

Apparently it’s for “Every Day” in act 2 – so I’m okay with it too. I was afraid they were replacing the black dress.

I’ve seen at least four different answers to this question, including one from Zoe herself – assuming that’s actually her real Tumblr account, I have no idea as I don’t follow it – but her answer is that it’s for the garden scenes of Act I: so In My Life and a Heart Full of Love, which leads me to wonder if she would change to the black dress during the Attack in order to have it on for One Day More or not.

I guess we just to wait!