OK.  So, I’m meeting with my professor at 4.  And I JUST got an email from the used bookstore I emailed that they have 6 of the books I’m looking for.  They’re about 45 minutes away and I still need to shower and get dressed.  So… that’s 30-60 minutes to do that, then 1 ½ round trip to the bookstore, not counting browsing and HOW CAN I GO TO A USED BOOKSTORE (ESPECIALLY THIS ONE ‘CUZ IT’S HUGE) AND NOT BROWSE???  So, we’re talking 2 ½ hours +/- browsing, +/- traffic… and I’m meeting my professor in 4 ½ hours.  I should EASILY be able to do that.  I should.  Right?  That’s not a ridiculous thing to think?