Drink With Me


I don’t think that Grantaire’s solo in Drink With Me is
actually as sad as one may think. There’s a strong juxtaposition between him
singing about how they won’t be remembered and the reality of thousands of people commemorating their death. Perhaps the
best example of this is George Blagden’s video: the words of the song
are contradicted by the actual video, in which he returns to the site
of the barricade almost two centuries later and has now been viewed by thousands of
people. In other words, Grantaire’s solo is beautiful because he was wrong. Their
deaths did mean something and almost
two centuries later, the people who lost their lives in the June rebellion are
still remembered. Because ultimately the June rebellion has been immortalised
by Les Miserables, and I doubt anyone will ever forget it.  



An idea: They scrap the Han Solo movie and do an Obi-Wan movie instead. 

Reasons for this:

– Ewan McGregor

– That Han Solo short list is garbage.

– I feel like they will try to make young Han very macho and totally misrepresent his character. 

– I need to know what happened to Obi-Wan between III and IV. 

– Seeing Obi-Wan watch over baby Luke. 



is anyone else annoyed by the stereotype that young people’s phones are a loud and annoying device? because i have never heard anyone under 30 who doesn’t have their phone on vibrate. like 100% of the time if the marimba ringtone starts blaring it’s the older generations.

I work at a public library. This is the truth. It’s ALWAYS the old people