Ever After, 1998 (dir. Andy Tennant)


This is a little side project I had been working on since late last
year. I originally did the Lion King t-shirt for myself, then decided to
make little logos for other musicals I love. Then it turned into this


Different shirt styles, hoodies, tanks and other merchandise are available at my Redbubble store.

Wanted to keep the imagery subtle and focus on more of the iconic and visual aspects of each musical!
Are you musical savvy? Can you guess them? 🙂

i’m having a really shit night

something’s just… not right in my head right now

i’m a ridiculous ball of depressive anxiety and i’m hungry and queasy at the same time and i can’t stand being in my house because i can’t fucking sit still but there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do and no one to do it with and everything hurts in this vague and annoying way that i can’t really do anything about

*sigh*  i wish i could just go to sleep and have a mulligan on this whole fucking shithole of a day


This adorable bunch of heroes

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❤ ❤ somehow it gave me the mental image/headcanon of jehan as a busker – playing the harp or lyre or something like that – around sunset near the river, sitting on a little rug and smiling to everyone that passes by ahhh

OMGGGGG.  YES.  YES, I COULD TOTALLY SEE THAT.  I’d actually been looking for a picture of a wooden flute to put in there (because he canonically plays the flute), but I couldn’t find one I liked.  But YES, I love this idea so much.  And he’d take requests, I’m sure, from everyone who comes down to hang out by the river, be they couples or families or groups of friends.  And his taste in music is as eclectic as his wardrobe, so no one’s been been able to stump him with a request yet.  Whether it’s the Reading Rainbow theme song, Jupiter from The Planets, Seasons of Love from Rent, or something from Led Zeppelin (and you haven’t lived until you’ve heard him play Stairway to Heaven on the harp), he seems to know every song there is to know and he takes great pride in being able to pleasantly surprise people by knowing their favorite song.

People do research trying to stump him.  They bet him that he won’t know the song they’re asking for and he makes a pretty penny on the side from the action – though he’s as likely to bet you a flower crown as he is real money, especially if you’re a kid.  To this day, only one person has been able to stump him with a request and it was a three year old girl asking for the theme song to Dora the Explorer and he felt so awful that he didn’t know it that he ended up frantically calling around to his friends to ask if anyone could find him sheet music.

Feuilly went him one better.  He showed up with his guitar and played it himself.  The little girl was delighted and now once every few weeks, Feuilly joins him at the river and they play duets.  ^_^


love that movie civil war for the way it Nails the clash between people’s external reads on tony vs The Truth

– backstage MIT people ready to kiss tony’s ass like he wants a fanfare and parades in his honor when really he’s looking for random excuses to ditch the adulation and leave through the back door
– mrs spencer thinking tony won’t give a shit about her son when in reality her struggle becomes a key factor pushing him to the accords
– steve assuming pepper was pregnant, like this guy heads off into the horizon and people assume happiness and then tony’s pretty much like “actually no i am Miserable” in not so many words
– “you alright?” “always,” tony answers, fucking literally clutching his own chest after almost non-successfully talking ross out of approaching steve with a killing squad
– scott lang like “this is your conscience, we don’t talk a lot these days” when in the beginning of the movie tony literally has an “it helps ease my conscience” line i’m just fuckinG
– natasha like “are you incapable of letting go of your ego for one god damn second” literally 1 milisecond before pointing out herself that ross & co practically have tony on a leash and he literally spent the entire movie begging
– tony being like “i was wrong” and sam, who presumably barely ever talked to tony responding like “that’s a first” when he clearly doesn’t hold steve to the same “openly admitting i’m wrong” requirements and like lmao tony was actually The First to say “i was wrong” in the movie and like literally his first scene has him standing in front of an audience like “have a live sneak peak of a MOMENT I REGRET”

bonus points for doing that without compromising the characterization of the IM1 guy who came out of the cave ready to make OPEN HONEST AND PUBLIC AMENDS the guy whose first “back from captivity” press conference speech starts with an honest and personal comment about his incomplete relationship with his father, and moves on to an admission of guilt. the guy who went up in front of journalists and said he wasn’t the hero type because of all his character defects, this guy, My Guy, the guy who has a deleted (WHY) line about how reputations stick with you and he was never entirely comfortable with his, My Guy, My Tony Stark, is finally Back, complete with the tragic Struggles of a reputation he can’t free himself from even though he will Fucking tell you In Person, with minimal prompting, that his conscience is Heavy

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*fistbump* Yeah, a mix of anxiety, chronic illness, and insomnia kicks my ass a lot. Especially when it comes to work/job hunting. If it’s just anxiety/illness then I can manage. But the insomnia is what ends up debilitating me. I just need to bite the bullet and see a therapist honestly.

*fistbump!*  OOF.  Yeah, that would do it.  -.-;;;  Insomnia is not my friend, either (I say at 12:30 PM when I have to be up to go to work in six hours…).  No chronic illness here, but chronic back pain is not my friend, either and ADHD kicks my ass on a regular basis.  😛  So, I feel you.  And that insomnia always seems to kick in just when you’re at your lowest, too, doesn’t it?  😛

As for seeing a therapist, I’m honestly so so so glad I finally found one who was right for me.  We’re making slow progress, but at least we ARE making progress.  And that’s better than I was doing on my own.  But it really is a matter of finding the right one, you know?  I went through two who were awful before I found one who was right for me and they did me more harm than good.  So, basically… if you can get your head around the idea of a therapist, try to also get your head around the idea of trying an appointment with one you pick before settling on them.  Ask them questions.  Consider it a try-out.  It makes a HUGE difference.  *nodnod*

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 I’m always silently rooting for you when I see your to do lists.

And AW.  ^_^  Thanks!  It was @takethewatch who first got me into posting them and when I have the mental energy/fortitude to post one it helps a LOT.  I’m just always worried that I’m bothering everyone with them when I keep reblogging them.  -.-;;;  So, I’m glad that at least one person isn’t annoyed!  ^_^