It’s been a while, but… how’s about an update? ^_^

Les Mis Fandom Calendar

OK, everyone, here we go!  Looks like the calendar is filling up again, so I thought I’d start posting summary posts again.

As always, if you see anything here that is incorrect, or if you know of a week or exchange or anything that is going on that I haven’t listed, please let me know so I can get it fixed/added – thanks!  ^_^

June 2016:
13: Les Jours D’été ( @lesjoursdete ) – 11:00PM EDT: Assignments due
19-25: Fake Canon-Era History Week (mods: @shellcollector and  @pilferingapples ) – tag TBA
21: Les Jours D’été (lesjoursdete) – 2:00PM EDT: Works Revealed
26-July 2: Rare Pair Week ( @lesmisrarepairs, mod: @spearmintstardust ) – tags: #lesmisrarepairsweek and/or #lesmisrarepairs
27: Les Mis Summer Hols ( @lesmissummerhols ) – 12:00PM: Mandatory check-in
28: Les Jours D’été  (lesjoursdete) – 2:00PMEDT: Authors Revealed

July 2016:
15: Les Mis Summer Hols (lesmissummerhols) – 12:00AM: Submissions/first drafts are due
15-29: Les Mis Summer Hols (lesmissummerhols) – Pinch hit and editing period
31: Les Mis Summer Hols (lesmissummerhols) – 12:00AM: Final Submissions are due

August 2016:
3: Les Mis Summer Hols (lesmissummerhols) – 12:00AM: Works are revealed
7: Les Mis Summer Hols (lesmissummerhols) – 12:00AM: Creators are revealed

October 2016:
16-22: Feuilly Appreciation Week ( @feuillyweek ; mod: @eirenical) – tag: #feuilly weekgoing
to tentatively claim this week for Feuilly Week, since the week I ran
it last year falls right in the middle of the High Holidays this year.  -.-;;;



Hey Les mis fandom, can we have a rarepair week?? This post gave me like 6 new ships I want to write for.

Yeah, those are fun!:D @eirenical, what’s a good open date on the calendar?

OH GOSH.  I’m sorry, for some reason the mention didn’t work and I missed this.  O_O  And oh man, I’m ALWAYS up for a rarepair week!

Anyway, as far as I know, everything is wide open.  The only thing going on is @lesmissummerhols gearing up and the @lesmis-bigbang winding down?  I haven’t heard anything else about anyone running a week any time in the near future.  So, whatever week you want, it’s yours @spearmintstardust!

But if you’d like to check out the calendar, here it is: Les Mis Fandom Calendar.

(…that reminds me, I need to get the LM Summer Holds dates on there.  Oops.  ^_^)

So, yeah.  Pick a week and it’s yours!  Just let me know which one you pick/the details of the week, so I can put it on the calendar.  ^_^