Okay but

imagine the Jedi finding like, holonet fansites about them.

People who freak out and take pictures whenever they see a jedi

people who have whole worlds of wildly inaccurate headcanons about Jedi and certain Jedi whose pictures of various everyday heroics have become holonet memes

people who make plastoid lightsaber props 

in the clone wars, whole fansites and blogs dedicated solely to Kenobi and Skywalker

Obi-Wan finds them and is scandalized

Anakin finds them and has the time of his life – he actual starts his own blog anonymously, which he updates with really good photos and funny, OOC posts about himself and Obi-Wan  (((but liek how does he get those photos???/?? like kriff’s sake NO one KNEOWS))) 

Master Yoda follows this blog religiously

Literally everyone in the Temple knows about Anakin’s blog except for Obi-Wan

Mace Windu trolls all of the comments section. The kicker? He does so as himself, but no one believes him, everyone thinks he’s a fan that somehow got the username TheRealMaceWindu

Palpatine follows Anakin’s blog, but does not know that it is anakin. He thinks it is some very distractible, annoying fanboy.

When the generals aren’t watching, the clones pick up all the dime store novels based on the Jedi and snigger to themselves in the barracks at the ridiculous sterotypes and misrepresentations – especially when Kenobi is made into a middle-aged heart throb.

Eventually, Anakin grows lax with his anonymity and starts his own blog as himself – it becomes one of the most popular blogs in the republic within a matter of weeks.

He posts a lot about Obi-Wan, only because he knows he will hate it. Obi-Wan’s consistent death glares at the camera have inspired their own meme.

Ahsoka once hacked Anakin’s blog and posted pictures of him making weird faces

just like

Awkward funny Jedi online shenanigans 

#Anakin posting a shirtless picture of Obi wan straight out of the shower#and Obi wan is so confused because suddenly he’s super popular with the people who usually goes for Anakin and such#there are several master Kenobi’s muscles appreciation blogs popping up everywhere#there may also be some memes#aggressive negotiator in the sheets

Oh my gosh


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Courferre AU in which Ferre writes children books and Courf is making the drawings and illustrations and they finally meet at a gala organized by the edition house and they all had imagined how the other would be based on their works and when they finally see each other it’s nothing like they could have imagined. It’s better.


Oh my gosh…!!!!!!!!!!!!

They probably had several phone calls over the time that they worked together, for work purposes, of course, but they were always very friendly and got along super well (and often times they would go off topic and start talking about Star Wars, but that’s not important).

And, well, they know they both share many common interests, they are near the same age, they’re both single,  they both have a passion for children, so of course there’s always the intruding thought of becoming more than colleagues… Nothing just comes out of it. 

Until the gala, then they are both super excited (and for some reason, super nervous?) to finally meet. And so when Courf gets introduced to the very attractive man he’s been noticing since he walked in, his jaw drops when he finds out that he is Combeferre.

Ferre is completely stunned when he sees that Courfeyrac is even more perfect in person and more attractive than he could’ve imagined.

Cue both of them being very flustered and ridiculous the whole night until the end when Courf is just like “Hey. It’s been a long night. Care to join me for a drink?” 

Combeferre immediately agrees.

Please explain your headcanon for a day in the life of Marius and Courfeyrac. XD


I haven’t actually thought this through much but here we go!  I am assuming you mean while Marius was “““sleeping on Courfeyrac’s extra mattress”””:

They rarely begin their day at the same time.  Marius’s sleep is fitful and he generally wakes up early regardless of when he fell asleep, where as Courfeyrac, to paraphrase Gandalf, “awakes exactly when he means to,” which is often fashionably late.  This is unfortunate given how much time it takes him to get ready to greet the world; if Marius hasn’t left the flat already by the time Courfeyrac gets up, he will have secondhand anxiety about Courfeyrac not finishing his morning ablutions on time and being late to whatever appointments he may have that day, and he tries fruitlessly to get Courfeyrac to forego immaculate looks.  If Courfeyrac is not awake to stop him, Marius furtively prepares a rather sparing breakfast for himself before heading out the door.  These scenarios, one or the other, are how most mornings go.

Then there are the rare mornings when Courfeyrac wakes up before Marius, and he stays in bed just to look at him and curl up against him (Courfeyrac may be shorter than Marius but there’s something about the boy that makes him feel compelled to be the big spoon).  He can tell when Marius wakes up because there is always a soft noise of confusion and surprise, but once he figures out what the warmth and pressure against him is, Marius breathes a contented sigh and relaxes back into his friend.  He hums happily when Courfeyrac begins to stroke his hair.  Eventually, though, one of them sits up, kisses the other, and they both stretch themselves lazily as kittens and prepare to face the day.  On days like this, Marius does not let himself worry that Courfeyrac treats him to a nice breakfast at their favorite nearby restaurant.

[I didn’t even make it to a full Day In the Life, but hopefully some off-the-cuff waking up headcanons will suffice?]


Exclusive! Aaron Tveit is Maureen and Gavin Creel is Joanne in Rent’s “Take Me or Leave Me” at Miscast


courfeyrac gets home one day completely exhausted, takes his clothes off, throws himself on the bed wearing nothing but his underwear and passes out instantly. he wakes up the next morning all tangled up with combeferre, realises he fell asleep on the wrong bed and goes back to sleep.
because ferre is hugging him back and has a smile on his face, so they can deal with how fast courf’s heart is beating later.

every friendship I could think of for the meme seemed way too obvious :p so I’m gonna say enjolras and feuilly? <3


I MEAN I’m all for the  obvious 
oh gosh these two srs nerds though 


  • who steals french fries off the other’s plate

Feuilly. Because seriously, they’re sitting there just getting cold. Look, he’s not judgemental, but…it’s just terrible, all right. He can’t let it happen. 

  • who jokingly moves in for the kiss when someone asks if they’re a couple

It would never occur to either of them to do this, not in ten thousand years of jokes and comments. o_o 

  • who has to bust or bail the other out of jail

Feuilly is one of the group they try really hard to keep out of the arrests, so he’s usually the one coming around with the group’s Bail Fund money the next day. >_< 

  • who gives the other advice/comfort about dating issues

…Again, if we assume they’re dating France and The People, they give each other advice ALL THE TIME. If we assume anything else, then neither of them ever. 😛

  • who shamelessly cheats at games by reaching over to cover the other’s eyes

Feuilly. It cracks Enjolras up because Feuilly is so obviously not cheating. For one thing, he’s using both hands to cover Enjolras’ eyes while he just shouts I’M CHEATING NOW and then he still has to explain how he would Never Cheat and Honesty Is So Important.
(You can tell Enjolras is cracking up because he does that Silent Laugh thing TWICE.) 

  • who immediately calls dibs on the top bunk

…When did these two go to bed? Top Bunk is the sad fate of whoever takes the longest to pass out, so they have to climb up the ladder (or just pile into the lower bunk too, or pass out on the couch.)

  • who starts and who wins the pillow fights

Feuilly! Well, Feuilly occasionally sort of mashes a pillow onto Enjolras and laughs at him. Pitched combat! 

  • who says “your pants would look better on their floor” to the other’s potential crush

…look it was a totally innocent, even critical,  statement because he’d managed to wreck his pants, okay, neither of them thought ANYTHING about it until Courfeyrac and Bahorel started cackling, oh my god, SHUT UP I WAS MAKING FUN OF HIS PANTS AND YOU KNOW IT, I DISOWN YOU BOTH. 

(Feuilly. Feuilly’s the malaproper. Enjolras has no idea what the joke is, but he’s ignoring Bahorel and Courfeyrac on the general principle of They’re Laughing That Way Again.)


A lot of parents tell their children that if they want to be an actor, that’s fine, but they should do something else first, so they’ve got something to fall back on. It doesn’t work like that, as far as I’m concerned.