I need a time travel AU where Mace Windu goes back  p i s s e d and decides the best way to fix the future is to chaperone the Skywalker brat on as many missions as possible to keep him from fucking up royally again. So that whole sequence in AotC with Padmé on Naboo, Mace is there cockblocking the hell out of Anakin. “grow the f up skywalker, it’s just sand.” 

At first Anakin is really angry and bitter about Mace ruining his game, but then he gets his vision about his mom, and Mace goes with them too and ends up having to comfort the brat after his mom dies, inadvertently helping Anakin from being tempted by the Dark Side.

After that, Anakin is still kind of wary but appreciates Mace a lot more and makes Mace his confidant about Padmé, his insecurities about being the Chosen One, and even his weird, budding homoerotic feelings towards Obi-Wan, which he insists is not simply puberty. And Mace is like “oh eff, I did not sign up for this hormonal shit-storm" but he has no choice but to endure it because he knows what would happen if Anakin is left to deal with his emotions alone. 

So they end up having this awkward friendship, and they save Obi-Wan on Ryloth together later on, where Anakin confesses to Obi-Wan about his feelings and Obi-Wan is like ????? So Obi-Wan ends up going to Mace as well about his internal conflicts towards his former Padawan, and Mace is like “kenobi pls, can u not?” But Obi-Wan is repressed af and needs to be coddled almost as much as the Skywalker brat, so Mace sucks it up and tells himself it’s for the good of the galaxy. So in a sense, he helps Obikin happen.

And in RotS, they work together to stop Palpatine, and everyone is happy and alive. Both Anidala and Obikin survive, and Mace just watches from afar, thinking this is such a blatant disregard of the Code, but at least it’s better than having his hand severed and then being tossed out the window while the Sith overruns the Jedi. 

Mace is the true hero.





#this is such a good delightful important scene#it shows so beautifully how far they’ve come since yavin—leia’s there joking around in a briefing#while han has actually volunteered for the most dangerous mission they’ve got#(also leia stop staring at han’s mouth in the last gif you are so obvious it’s obscene#honestly that is the look of a woman who is thinking “I could probably push him down and fuck him here no one would notice”#“I mean they might /notice/ but like”#“…….do you think it would bother him if I called him ‘general solo”’#this right here is the reason that ben is conceived on endor because after four years or so han solo figured out#the way to leia organa’s heart was daring acts of reckless bravery in the name of her Cause#once han strutted out of the refresher wearing just his medals and struck a ridiculous pose—“eh? eh???”#leia is not proud to say that she had to genuinely think about it#…………look I love these crazy kids) (via notbecauseofvictories)


#how many rebellion pilots paint luke skywalker on the side of their x-wings #(oh leia was supposed to be the pinup girl of choice; princess and face of the rebellion et cetera #but most of them have /met/ leia and while she’s very pretty she’s also much more likely to kill them #if they try to paint her with her tits out on the side of a freighter) #but a couple of members of red squadron paint luke on the side of wedge antilles’ plane as a joke #and it catches on; especially after the Death Star—they say it’s good luck to have the last jedi on your nose #wedge of course is horrified; red squadron’s depiction is hardly the most tasteful thing and he can’t seem to scrub it off #he’s got very blue eyes and is very very blonde and wedge blushes to the roots of his hair whenever he sees it #especially when /luke/ sees it #“I don’t wander around with my mouth open like that do I?” luke asks #“no” wedge says morosely thinking he would very much like to die right here and now if the universe would be so kind #“and everyone wears their flightsuit like that when they’re tinkering in the hangar! it’s very humid on yavin!” luke says #“yeah I know” wedge says miserably thinking that he could probably ask the admiral for a transfer to another base. he’s heard #the outer rim is nice and that might just be far enough away to forget this ever happened to him #“and I’m pretty sure I’m not that muscular” luke adds after a minute of horrifically uncomfortable silence #“no you are” wedge antilles says with all the humor of a man being force-marched to the gallows “it’s very accurate” #“oh” luke skywalker says going a little pink #“…….it’s a nice drawing” luke finally says and wedge antilles makes an attempt to perform the first-ever spontaneous combustion #he does not succeed #instead luke sort of—awkwardly pats him on the shoulder and walks away #wedge antilles mostly thinks that red squadron has earned itself some time scrubbing the refresher (via @notbecauseofvictories)


the au we all truly deserve is the au where revered badass jedi master shmi skywalker has to somehow explain to the council that she hasn’t broken the code, yes master windu I am aware of how human children happen, yes I know there’s a belly monster growing in me that’s making me crave chandrilan jabanero pepper balls and forcing me to pee every half hour it’d be pretty impressive if I DIDN’T know, however the fact still stands I did not break the code


100% certain han and lando once got married for a scam and forgot to have it annulled so they were technically married for several years and one day lando comes in and goes “real quick: are we solo-calrissian or calrissian-solo? also, i want a divorce” and han is like baby no where did i go wrong we can still fix this

Watching The Clone Wars



And specifically, several episodes that mostly seem to feature Ahsoka being impulsive or disobeying orders.  And… I have to wonder.

Did Obi-Wan curse Anakin with the Parent’s Curse?  (I hope your child is just like you!)

please do we need to asks that? of course he cursed him, and i bet he was out there, looking for the most anakin-like padawan to saddle anakin with within six hours of his knighting


I’ve joked about “Kenobi Guilt Mode,” Luke isolating himself after his padawan’s destructive descent just like Obi-Wan did, still dressed in the uniform of his failure (don’t even get me started on the very deliberate and Alec Guinness-way Mark Hamill flicked back the hood of his robe) but I don’t want Episode VIII to be Rey pulling Luke back from that. I don’t want Rey to have to convince Luke of anything. Don’t give me a Luke who’s really just Obi-Wan reincarnate, cryptic and weary with guilt and a little bit of a jerk by way of his self-imposed exile.

Give me Luke, the golden boyking Jedi Knight (well, perhaps not a boyking anymore), but older and wiser. Can’t you imagine Luke – with all that bleeding-heart compassion he carried around, the way he saw goodness in everyone – as Jedi Master?

Give me a Luke who, yes, feels remorse and guilt for what happened with Ben but who uses that. Give me a Luke who is still unafraid of his emotions; a Luke who continues to embrace his emotions, even the fear and anger Yoda cautioned against, and find constructive ways to use them. Give me a Luke who saw his padawans and their training as a precious responsibility and still sees them as such, no matter how long they’ve been under the thrall of the Dark Side.

Give me a Luke who left everything and everyone when Kylo Ren was born and went looking for the Jedi Temple because he was seeking something that would help save his nephew. Give me a Luke who has spent the last 15 years trying to get his sister her family back. Give me a Luke who didn’t know where [his daughter/niece/youngest padawan] Rey was taken and has been trying to search for her for years without drawing unwanted attention; who wanted to find her without endangering her so instead of looking outright he Force-pushed images of his home into her dreams so she would come find him instead. 

Give me a Luke who looks at this girl, trembling with fear and confusion and resolve and holding his father’s lightsaber, and says yes, yes, of course I will teach you, let’s start right now. Give me a Luke who listens to Rey, to what she’s been through and what she can already do, and doesn’t dismiss any of her experience. Give me a Luke who takes the survival skills that Rey has already learned and helps her adapt them to her Force abilities so they work in tandem. Give me a Luke who tells her that if she ever wants to make her own saber they can modify the hilt so it’s longer and more comfortable for her staff-ready grip. Give me a Luke who remembers what it is to shoulder a destiny you never expected and lends Rey the guidance and support he had only sporadically from Jedi masters so bogged down in their traditions and failures that he had to stand in defiance of them anyway.

Give me a Luke who doesn’t shrug off Rey’s presence or oppose going back to the Resistance because his sister needs him and when has he ever not gone to her aid? Give me a Luke who is gutted by Han’s death, just absolutely devastated by the loss of his friend and whatever part he may have had in it due to Ben’s fall, but is motivated by the loss as well: this has gone on long enough, I cannot sit idly by any longer, I must fix this. Give me a Luke who looks at Rey and sees himself: a girl who longs for family, brimming with power she doesn’t understand, desperate to help those who have befriended her.

Give me a Luke who sees Rey standing on the cliff with a lightsaber in hand and says, “I have waited so long for you; come, we must begin.”




i need fic of luke and leia’s force bond affecting their childhoods like, stat, because listen:

leia loves her parents, but the pressures of court life are enormous. use this fork, not that one. no, honey, you can’t go play in the dirt outside, the congressman is coming over for dinner. please don’t speak unless you’re asked a question. hush!  that word isn’t for distinguished young ladies. and sometimes she feels like she’s going to explode. but when she can get a moment to herself, close her eyes, and meditate, she goes to the same place in her mind. she can’t put her finger on where it is, but it’s sandy and warm. she never sees another person there, but she feels a presence that lets her her rant, and sits with her until she’s quieted down, and together they watch the… wait, two suns?

luke loves owen and beru, but they’re so stifling. luke do this, luke do that, luke fix the droids, luke no you can’t go see your friends, you know it’s harvest time and your uncle isn’t getting any younger. this is your birthright, it’ll all be yours someday. he knows that they want to keep him safe and fed, and he’s so so grateful, but he can’t help but feel like he was made for more than moisture farming. sometimes, when he’s in the garage playing with his models, he’ll feel transported away, like he can almost hear the engines of a ship purring in the background and another presence beside him, watching silently with him as stars zoom past the window.

Imagine the cold chill that runs through Bail when he hears Leia talking about her imaginary friend and she says his name is Luke






padme is so savagely extra like who wears a fucking tiara to bed

but like on the other hand if anyone’s gonna pull it off with exactly no one questioning it it would be her so keep on keeping on girl

speaking of pulling it off, how damn frustrated do you think Anakin gets like guys can’t even figure out bras. 

“Padme, I can’t- where’s the-” and he’s trying to follow ties and things to where the openings and zippers of gowns and stuff are “you’re just gonna have to- just…call me when you’re already naked next time.” and by now he’s pretty much raveled in a cocoon of her dress and can’t move because he can’t find which way is up

one night like a year into their marriage anakin’s on leave and back on coruscant and he’s so happy to see her but he’s seen so much and the war is really starting to get to him so when padme casually pulls the hopelessly confusing looking gown over her head and steps out of it he kind of feels like crying with joy