I started thinking absently about Steve Rogers’ jogging route during my run today and then i couldn’t STOP thinking about it because there’s literally NO WAY it makes sense unless you accept that he is specifically fucking up his entire morning routine to get another look at the cute boy he clocked on his run. I got home and started to make a post about it but it was like


so you’re just going to have to trust me 

Enough people asked me to Get Into This that, you know what, fine. Let’s get into it. Under the cut please enjoy my doctoral dissertation, There Is No Carol In HR, or Captain America Is a Big Ol’ Creep and I Can Prove It with Maps. 


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When people say that Steve and Sam are just good friends






sad little voice in the wilderness saying “look Steve’s hot and all but SO MUCH CRAZY” like 2Kevr

Meg ilu you know my feels about ur fabulousness but i feel like stuff like this is missing the point? The tl;dr of my feels is let shippers have their shippppppp

poor sam/steve shippers already gotta deal w a literal truckload of sam marginalization and racism and prioritizing the angsty white bro otp (my own otp i love u but u have ur own problems, u problem child) to the tune of 16k+ fics on ao3 like damn we know what ships are valued on a wide scale in fandom and this one ain’t

This post and stuff like it is for sam/steve shippers, really. they need their space to react and explore and enjoy just like everyone else, maybe more bc they are so drowned out and dismissed, and I doubt any shippers want to hear yet more reasons why sam/steve isn’t a thing for someone.

SORRY FOR HAVING A WEIRD DISCUSSION W MY FRIEND ON UR POST GUYS but I wanna make sure I or meg don’t accidentally step on your toes again

yeah you’re right I was a grumpy asshole and I apologize

to clarify I dont have a problem with samsteve as a pairing I just don’t characterize Sam as being willing to put up with Steve’s bullshit – and you know Steve would be full of it – but I should be less yelling about it

I do not promise to be less yelling about stevetonybucky because why the hell would you stick tony stark in with Steve and Bucky when sam is literally RIGHT THERE

Thank you friend I am one of those sad Steve/Sam shippers sitting out there in the cold wilderness with only my blanket and insane cat keeping me warm