you know, mostly I love the way Castiel is presented in fandom. but sometimes I miss seeing the side of Cas that isn’t just cheery and bumbling and sweet-mannered. I love the old bad-tempered, overdramatic whiny pissbaby Cas. this is the creature who bitched and complained constantly, and whose first instinct upon hearing the Apocalypse had arrived was to suggest they all get piss-drunk and lie down on the ground and wait to die.

where’s the high school AU where Cas is a melodramatic bitter asshole like ‘I failed this test. what’s the point. I’m going to drown myself in the water fountain’ where’s the coffee shop AU where someone gets Cas’ order wrong and instead of being a cutie about it he just stares bleakly into his styrofoam cup like ‘i guess it’ll do. i guess it won’t matter when we all eventually turn to the abyss. then again, by that logic, nothing really matters’ or the cute teacher AU where he teaches philosophy and gives all the kids existential crises being like ‘well, technically, nothing is real. and our concept of human life is arbitrary and entirely meaningless……. your paper is due Thursday’