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i feel like people would be into that? idk, i can’t promise that I would participate bc sometimes i have inspiration and sometimes i’ve got nothing but I’d want to try at least! and there are a lot of people whose aro/ace headcanons are really important to them.

I think you’re probably right?  Like it seemed to go well the one year I know of that it ran, so hopefully people would be into it again?  The one thing that’s been holding me back from trying so far, though is this: Do I keep it as “ace amis week” or do I go with “aro ace amis week and all variations thereof” because… that’s kind of a mouthful and I don’t want to make the tag impossible.  O_o;;;  But I’m worried that if I call it “ace amis week” and then say that all headcanons in the aro/ace umbrella are welcome that it will seem insensitive?  -.-;;;  I don’t even know.  I OVERTHINK THESE THINGS TOO MUCH.  -.-;;;

(And I totally feel you on the participation thing.  Lately I SUCK at participation in weeks.  *sigh*  What I really need to do is write something for the week when I hear about it and then just wait to post it.  😛  Because invariably, when the week rolls around it catches me off guard and then I get nothing done.  😛  At least I got a photoset and fic snippet done for rare pair week?)


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“Les Mis Fandom Calendar Update”

oh good there’s going to be another feuilly week!! i am so glad, that is the best week. ^_^

IT REALLY IS, ISN’T IT??  ^_________^

(You didn’t think I’d forget, did you?  ;D)

I’m actually considering running another week, too.  Because there was no Ace Amis Week last year and that made me sad.  So I was considering running one myself, this year.  What do you think?  Think anyone would be interested in that other than me?  ^_~

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“[[MOR] i’m having a really shit night something’s just… not right in…”

*hugs* I’m sorry, that doesn’t sound fun at all. 😦 I hope you start to feel better soon. ❤

*hugs*  Thanks.  I managed to eat something, so at least the hungry/queasy feeling has faded.  I’m still feeling kind of twitchy though, like I just can’t settle?  And every time I start to do something I just kind of jerk myself right out of doing it.  😦  It’s beyond annoying.  *sigh*  I’m hoping I’ll be able to convince myself to go to sleep soon and that it’ll be gone come morning, whatever it is.  😛

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“OK!  Critical review is done!  😀  Now, other than writing a few more…”

i’m so glad you’re caught up–that’s fantastic! well done.^_^ I hope you have a relaxing evening!

*big hugs*  Thanks!  I had a great evening.  Picked up tickets for my mom and I for a matinee showing of a show I’ve wanted to take her to for ages (Beautiful) and informed her that she owes me nothing for these (she always likes to pick up the tab when we go to shows together) because her birthday is Sunday, so HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY MOM.  She couldn’t argue with that, so I win.  ^_^  Then I had dinner at a Thai place which was pretty good and met up with a friend to see The Crucible which was A-MAZ-ING OMFG.  *_*  IT WAS REALLY GOOD.  Then I came home and cuddled with my cat for a bit and now I’m gonna go crash because I have to be up in 5 hours to do it all again.  ;D

THIS IS A GOOD WEEKEND.  ^_^  *snugs*  I hope you’re having one, too!

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YOU’RE DONE YOU’RE DONE CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I’m super happy for you!! I hope you get to celebrate tonight in some fun way? ❤

THANK YOU!!!  *big hugs hugs of happy*  😀  😀  😀

And… I think I will celebrate by closing down my computer and watching a bunch of episodes of Diners Drive-Ins and Dives with my cat?  So that I can sit down and write my critical review and the section of lit review I have due for my other class tomorrow with a clear head?

…that last bit doesn’t sound so fun, actually, does it?



(…I would treat myself to Friendly’s for ice cream tonight, but it’s 10 PM and I”m already in pajamas and I don’t want to go anywhere.  -.-;;;)

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ahhhhh you are SO CLOSE to being done!!! You can do this! and it is going to feel SO GOOD to have this done and off your plate. you’ve been working at this for such a long time and it’s understandable to be really sick of it, but stick with it just a little longer, and you’ll be home free! ^_^


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*hugs*  I’m glad the solo went better tonight!  Good luck with the assignments tomorrow. ❤

Thanks!  *hugs*  Here’s hoping this thing doesn’t eat me alive.  😛

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someone who has been on meds… they really do work, don’t be afraid!!!
good luck with everything, break a leg for the concert. What’re you
singing if you don’t mind me asking?

This is what people
keep telling me.  *sigh*  But it’s this deep-seated, primal, irrational
fear based on things that have happened to me when friends went on
meds.  I’ve seen meds do wonderful things for people… but I’ve also
seen them turn friends into the kind of people who would stab you in the
back and turn your entire class of 112 people against you.  So.  
*shrugs*  Baby steps, and I guess we’ll see?

And, thank you!  And, no, I don’t mind you asking, at all.  ^_^  The June concert is always our concert to do Broadway/pop type stuff.  This concert is all Disney music (+ an Aida medley, which is still nominally Disney, I suppose ^_~, and is also the medley I have my solo in ^_^).  We’re doing some newer stuff, like Let It Go (yes, I give everyone permission to roll their eyes; I’m right there with you :P), and older classics like When You Wish Upon a Star and A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.  It’s a really fun set of music.  ^_^  I’m excited to sing it!



This is the art I did for @takethewatch‘s amazing Big Bang fic, Unravel:

Éponine Thénardier can “unravel” time–jump backward a few minutes or hours and let events play out again, sometimes slightly different from before. It’s a secret little thing that she uses occasionally, to get herself out of trouble or avoid minor accidents. She’s never tried to do anything big with it because, on the whole, she’s happy with her life–her family’s inn is successful, they live in a nice neighborhood in Paris, and she’s in love with a kind and beautiful boy named Marius.

But when her lover is killed on the barricades of the June Rebellion, she has to try to fix it–even if it means using her power on a scale she’s never dreamed of. Even if it means throwing away everything else she has.

I can’t emphasise strongly enough how brilliant this fic is – it’s definitely one of those ‘read even if the character isn’t your Thing’ fics, so even if for some weird reason you’re not currently interested in Brick Éponine, go over and read it anyway. 

If you’re one of my non-fandom followers and you like reading science fiction in historical settings and/or disorientating radical dissassembly of existing literary narratives and/or psychological exploration of what a sense of self would even mean without linear time, go and read it too.

It’s been such a great project and I promised myself I’d steer clear of the self-deprecation in this post so I’ll just say that I’ve learned so much while doing this, spurred on by the ‘welp this story is good and I need to at least attempt to do it justice’ feeling.

Oh and while you can click on these images to get a nice zoomed-in version – plus the whole picture for that one that didn’t play nice with the others – they’re also embedded in the text over at Ao3 and, well. They look cooler that way. 

guys guys GUYS here is our Big Bang project!  Link to the fic is above, but even if you don’t read the fic, definitely check out this gorgeous and creative artwork that shellcollector did.  I keep finding new details to be amazed by, and I just can’t stop looking at the last one; with the weight of all the others behind it, it is such a powerful image.

i haven’t written anything either … and with a 3-day field trip to chaperone this week, it’s *really* not likely. :/

Oh, yikes. Yeah, that DOES sound tight. O_o;;; I’m just annoyed at myself because I forgot last year and I was trying to make a special point of not forgetting this year, but June just kind of snuck up on me. O_o;;; Well… I’ll have some time tomorrow and Tuesday. So, I guess we’ll see what happens. *snugs*