The West Wing 1×01, Sep. 22, 1999 // Ted Cruz, Jan. 14, 2016

From The West Wing Weekly podcast:

Hrishikesh Hirway: In that scene, the Mary Marsh comment about their New York sense of humor.
Joshua Malina: Which of course made me immediately think of Ted Cruz.
HH: Right! With his comment about Donald Trump. “We all know what New York values are.”
JM: This is another West Wing ‘still relevant today’ moment. A prescient moment.






For all there is to hate about Trump, I’m much more scared of a President Cruz than a President Trump.

Why?  Just curious.

Bottom line is that Trump wants attention. Cruz wants power. Trump is an entertainer. Cruz is a master politician who believes petulance is a political ideology. Of every Republican in the field, Cruz is most steadfast in his ultra-conservative beliefs and will never bend or meet for compromise. 

Trump craves attention and will always put himself above policies. Cruz is incredibly methodical and is always playing the long game to accomplish his policy goals. Yes, Trump is far more likely to accidentally set off an international incident, but Cruz in power will strangle this country and bring it to its knees before he allows it to become something he doesn’t agree with.

  • I cannot stress how evangelical Ted Cruz is. If he wins this election, it will be on the backs of the religious right. 
  • He wants constitutional amendment to make SCOTUS judges have retention elections so he can boot off justices like Kennedy who become more liberal over time.
  • He’s willing to shut down the federal government instead of allowing any funding of Planned Parenthood.
  • He wants to ban birth control including IUD and morning after pill
  • He did actually shutdown the federal government because he doesn’t like Obamacare.
  • The next president will probably nominate 4 justices to the Supreme Court. (1 Conservative, 2 Liberals, 1 Swing) Cruz will not consider any nominees who have a hint of moderate in them. This could easily lead to a 7-2 Supreme Court decision outlawing abortion, ending Obamacare, or abolishing affirmative action or civil rights protections.

The reason Trump will never scare me as much as Cruz is that Ted Cruz is brilliant, he is a true political organizer and mastermind. He’s skillfuly united faith circles all over the US and will ride a wave all the way into South Carolina. 

And just to prove my point. Look at the Tea Party. It’s a tiny segment of American politics, but the power it carries is because of Ted Fucking Cruz. When met with something he didn’t like, he SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT as a freshman Senator! A FRESHMAN! Imagine him with real executive power.

If Ted Cruz becomes president, we could all end up living in a sci fi dystopia.

Moreover, Trump will never, I repeat, NEVER find the money for his policies nor the skill to effectively campaign for them. He would have no talent nor power as a politician. He might influence the political climate of the country, which should scare all of us, but he may never pass a policy of his own on his own terms. Trump is who we should hope gets the GOP nomination, because not only can he not possibly win the popular vote, but should electoral college fail us and make him president, his policies will never be enacted on a political level. All the damage he can do, which is by making racism seem ‘okay’ or ‘brave’, has already been done. There’s nowhere else he can take the country. This is the full extent of his influence.