Marius and the Amis, a Timeline


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These are the canon mentions; I’ve kept speculation to a minimum, and made my best guess as to chronology when Hugo gets confusing.

So ! Starting in 1828! (3.4)
-1828: Marius leaves Gillenormand’s house, meets Bossuet and Courfeyrac. Spends some while getting to know the Amis (it was way more than ONE meeting; he was hanging out with them and walking around town with them in various groups for a while).  Exactly how long this all was is vague; at any rate it comes to an end with the Napoleon debate, and Marius stops going to the cafe Musain while he has his crisis of (political) faith.

-Marius stops living in the hotel Porte-Saint-Jacques with Courfeyrac, because it’s too expensive. Courfeyrac helps Marius sell his old clothes and find work; enough to keep living.

1828 (-1831)
-Marius  moves into the Gorbeau house. During this time, he sees Enjolras and the others only very rarely; he  sees Courfeyrac the most, and he sees Courfeyrac once or twice a month. (3.5.3, 3.5.5). 

– 1830
-the July Revolution “satisfies” Marius politically. Presumably, the Amis participated; but we hear nothing else about their particular involvement.
-Marius is running away from women because he’s self-conscious and thinks they’re laughing at him. Courfeyrac teases him for it. 
-Marius isn’t running away from Cosette in the Garden, because he doesn’t think of her as a woman. Hugo is being problematic. :/ (ETA: And Courfeyrac IS running away from Cosette in the garden, because he doesn’t want to flirt with her. Since Cosette is 14 here and Courfeyrac is in his 20s, I am okay with that, but it can still be considered kinda ??)


-Marius first falls in love with Cosette. Courfeyrac sees him out on the street in his new clothes.
– Marius has dinner with Courfeyrac and some friends, and invites Courfeyrac out to the theater; the next day he has lunch with Courfeyrac, Prouvaire, and some of their friends.
-Marius, looking for Cosette, goes to the Bal de Sceaux with Courfeyrac, Prouvaire, Grantaire and Bossuet. Aside from that, he’s living “ more alone than ever.” (3.8.1)
-The Gorbeau Raid. Bossuet and Courfeyrac see Marius on the street, but Courfeyrac vetoes the idea of following him. Following the raid itself, Marius moves in with Courfeyrac, now living in the  Rue de Verrerrie, the better to revolution (and having moved out of the Latin Quarter–we aren’t told just when.).Sometime between then and Spring of 1832, Marius starts borrowing money from Courfeyrac; Courfeyrac never asks about it. 

(ETA before someone thinks I just forgot:Enjolras and  His Lieutenants happens in here, with the mention of Marius as having stopped coming around/being too distracted. Left it out at first because they don’t actually interact there, but here it is JUST IN CASE.)

Spring- Marius is still living with Courfeyrac, and now he’s visiting Cosette. Marius makes a habit of staying out at odd hours; Courfeyrac is at home enough to notice it.

June- Welp. 

(speculation on the Amis and what they’re up to in this gap is another post! I will get to it.:D) 




Maps of the flight of Jean Valjean and Cosette 

Paris au temps des Misérables de Victor Hugo, p. 60-61

Full size found here and here

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