This might be the most influential quote of the whole series.

I have a few new bookbinding tools and things to make my life easier and WOW did this one come out better and easier than the last one I made!  Since I was having a terrible time finding 8 ½ x 11 paper that was the right thickness and would still get through the printer so I could make lined paper, I decided to approach the problem from the other side and get a paper cutter so I could just cut down the 9 x 12 paper that I love and use that instead.  It worked MUCH better!  ^_^  So, this one will probably go up for sale in my Etsy shop, but I’ll probably wait until I have some natural light tomorrow to get some better pictures.

~5 3/4″ wide x 8 3/4″ long x 1/2″ thick; quarter cloth case binding; heavy-weight bookboard; 120
sheets; 64 lb. (95 g/sq.m.) charcoal paper; inner covers of canvas texture 65# cardstock; cover of hand made
100% cotton bookcloth and fine paper with ribbon bookmark; hand-sewn; bound by hand

New tools:

  • standard sized metal square rods to measure out the gutters on either side of the spine – SO USEFUL
  • paper trimmer
  • parchment paper – works much better as backing for gluing with the super because it doesn’t stick to it.  YAY! ^_^
  • Not new, but unearthed
    • iron
    • tabletop ironing board

Thanks to those last two finds, I was able to make new bookcloth without having to schlep down to the basement to use my Uncle’s iron and the big ironing board which was SO HELPFUL because the lighting down there is CRAP.  This was MUCH easier. Also, man I love my little craft cart.  It’s so much nicer having everything in one place!

Wow.  I have NEVER had a book give me as much trouble as this one did.  O_o;;;  First of all, the paper I found, thought it’s gorgeous paper, is really just a hair too thick.  So it makes for very stiff page turns.  So that’s a problem.  It also made it really hard to cut down the text block.  So, AS YOU CAN SEE, it’s quite a bit smaller (5″ x 7.25″) than it was when it started out (5.5″ x 8.5″).  And I ended up having to hand-tear each page.  I actually really like the hand-torn effect and may try it again someday, but WOW this was not a good first intro to the technique.  😛

This was also my first time working with super as a reinforcement for the text block and I really liked it, but I need to invest in some wax paper.  Because, unlike using paper as a text block reinforcement, super has very large holes in the weave… and glue sticks to paper quite nicely through it.  OOPS.  Anyway, that was relatively easily taken care of by just gluing the endpapers in quickly, but still… lesson learned.  Wax paper is our friend.  ^_^

Finally, this was my first foray into making my own lined paper.  I AM really happy with how that came out, but I really need to find different paper.  *sigh*  Honestly, I LOVE the charcoal/drawing paper I buy in pads at Michael’s, but it’s 9 x 12, so my printer can’t do anything with it.  I guess I could invest in a paper cutter of some kind and just cut it down to 8.5 x 11, but that seems like such a massive pain in the rear.  There HAS to be a heavier-than-copy-paper-but-still-nice-for-writing-with-fountain-pens paper out there that’s 8.5 x 11.  I just need to FIND IT.

Anyway.  I’ll get all the final specs/official description up when I post it to my other blog, but for now… enjoy some pictures?  ^_^


I just… wanna remind people that asexuality was classed as a mental disorder by the DSM all the way up until 2013…. Because I feel like people don’t know this or like to ignore it because it doesn’t fit into their “asexual people don’t face discrimination” rhetoric.

Asexuality was only removed from the DSM in 2013. Please, know this and remember it.






For all there is to hate about Trump, I’m much more scared of a President Cruz than a President Trump.

Why?  Just curious.

Bottom line is that Trump wants attention. Cruz wants power. Trump is an entertainer. Cruz is a master politician who believes petulance is a political ideology. Of every Republican in the field, Cruz is most steadfast in his ultra-conservative beliefs and will never bend or meet for compromise. 

Trump craves attention and will always put himself above policies. Cruz is incredibly methodical and is always playing the long game to accomplish his policy goals. Yes, Trump is far more likely to accidentally set off an international incident, but Cruz in power will strangle this country and bring it to its knees before he allows it to become something he doesn’t agree with.

  • I cannot stress how evangelical Ted Cruz is. If he wins this election, it will be on the backs of the religious right. 
  • He wants constitutional amendment to make SCOTUS judges have retention elections so he can boot off justices like Kennedy who become more liberal over time.
  • He’s willing to shut down the federal government instead of allowing any funding of Planned Parenthood.
  • He wants to ban birth control including IUD and morning after pill
  • He did actually shutdown the federal government because he doesn’t like Obamacare.
  • The next president will probably nominate 4 justices to the Supreme Court. (1 Conservative, 2 Liberals, 1 Swing) Cruz will not consider any nominees who have a hint of moderate in them. This could easily lead to a 7-2 Supreme Court decision outlawing abortion, ending Obamacare, or abolishing affirmative action or civil rights protections.

The reason Trump will never scare me as much as Cruz is that Ted Cruz is brilliant, he is a true political organizer and mastermind. He’s skillfuly united faith circles all over the US and will ride a wave all the way into South Carolina. 

And just to prove my point. Look at the Tea Party. It’s a tiny segment of American politics, but the power it carries is because of Ted Fucking Cruz. When met with something he didn’t like, he SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT as a freshman Senator! A FRESHMAN! Imagine him with real executive power.

If Ted Cruz becomes president, we could all end up living in a sci fi dystopia.

Moreover, Trump will never, I repeat, NEVER find the money for his policies nor the skill to effectively campaign for them. He would have no talent nor power as a politician. He might influence the political climate of the country, which should scare all of us, but he may never pass a policy of his own on his own terms. Trump is who we should hope gets the GOP nomination, because not only can he not possibly win the popular vote, but should electoral college fail us and make him president, his policies will never be enacted on a political level. All the damage he can do, which is by making racism seem ‘okay’ or ‘brave’, has already been done. There’s nowhere else he can take the country. This is the full extent of his influence.


*smacks hand on forehead*

OMFG, it’s the OSCARS.  THAT’S why my dash is flooded with women in pretty dresses.

And as much as I love women in pretty dresses… I really really REALLY hate awards shows.

So, I think it’s time to give up on catching up on my dash for the night and go to bed because apparently no one is tagging for the Oscars and I can’t find the rest of my dash under it.  *heavy sigh*

Why I Believe Rey is a Solo.







The reason I am mainly seeing to why people don’t believe she is a Solo is because they don’t understand why Han and Leia didn’t recognize Rey when they met her, so at the moment that’s the only point I’m directing.

My reply to this is always, they did.

They did recognize her.

This is the point where people go “No they didn’t??? And if they did, why didn’t they say something or act like it???”

But they did. You can see it in the way Han is amazed by how much she knows about the Millennium Falcon, or how he and Leia look at her when she isn’t paying attention. They look at her with unsure glances. How you would look at a high school friend that you hadn’t seen 10 years.

Or, how you would look at someone who you thought died years ago.

Yes, the reason they don’t recognize Rey or bring it up at all, is because they think she is dead.

Think about it, Han and Leia have two kids, and as we can see, they both have the force. It would only be logical for them to send both of them off to train with Luke, especially if the reason why they’re sending Ben off to train with Luke is because they’re scared that he has Vader in him. If Ben does, what if Rey does too? Might as well send her off as well just to be sure.

This theory also explains why Luke went into hiding.

Yes, sure. You could say that he went into hiding because he failed at training Ben. But. Get this.

Imagine, you’re Luke. Your sister sends to you her son, and her younger daughter. Most likely explaining that they were worried for Ben. So he trains them and the new ‘batch’ of Jedi, up until the point of the massacre.

Now, I believe that Kylo is just as strong and skilled as a lot of people do, but to kill all the training Jedi knights and younglings, is a bit of a stretch to me.

We’ve already been informed of this ‘Knights of Ren’ thing, but not what it is.

My theory is that he did the logical thing, and got a bunch of the Jedi to join him. Rightfully naming them, the Knights of Ren. Even if that is wrong, and they were just a bunch of people under Snoke, my theory still stands.

Anyways. Ben (now known as Kylo) kills all the Jedi. All but one. Rey. Because of course, how could he kill his sister? It’s even seen in her vision. She is lying there (as old her, but we can assume that it was really young her in the flashback) and one of the Knights of Ren, swings to kill her. When he is stabbed and she is saved, by a red lightsaber. Kylo’s lightsaber. Kylo.

He can’t kill her. She is his little sister. At this point, he isn’t strong enough in his hate or ‘darkness’. With roughly 10 years of training to be ‘evil’, he still killed his father with regret, how the heck could he kill his own little sister?

So he doesn’t. He convinces the other KoR either not to tell, or that he will kill her, and he goes off and secretly sets her on Jakku. He erases her memory and possibly gives her fake memories of her ‘parents’ leaving her on Jakku. That way he is assured that 1) She will ever be harmed. and 2) She will never be a problem.

No one knows of this but him. Luke, Leia, Han, even Snoke, all think that she is dead. And that is what pushes Luke over the edge.

Because of him, his sister lost two of the most, if not the most, important people in her life. Because he could not help Ben, his sisters kids are both gone. It makes more sense to me that he would run away because he is ashamed that he let this happen. That Leia will never be okay again. It is shame that drives him to be a hermit, not pain. We’ve seen Luke look straight into the eyes of pain. It’s not always an easy fight, but it would be easier than fighting off shame.

So when Han and Leia see Rey, it only makes sense why Han is so quick to take her under his wing. He see’s her, and he see’s the daughter he could of had if he hadn’t lost her. It explains why he looks at her with that “I know you. I swear, you are just like my daughter… But my daughter is dead.”

Not only that, but why they never bring her up. If your own daughter was murdered at the hand of your son, would you ever want to remember that? It also explains why they only talk about Ben oh so much (then again, killing a bunch of jedi usually does that)

It explains why Kylo screams “what girl?” when he hears that BB-8 escaped with a girl from Jakku, and why he is softer around her.

Another thing that came to mind when I was thinking of this, is what other people have been saying about how the lightsaber called to her. And it made me think of what Kylo says when they are about to fight. What starts the battle between Kylo and Finn.

He sees the lightsaber, and he screams “that lightsaber belongs to me”. After thinking about it, I realized something. That lightsaber is Anakin’s. Not Darth Vader. Anakin’s.

As J.J. Abrams says.

Kylo Ren idolizes Darth Vader, not Anakin Skywalker. He idolizes what Vader represents and what Vader was trying to do.

If he idolizes Darth Vader, and not Anakin, why the heck would he care so much for Anakin’s lightsaber?

Yes, you could say that it was because Darth Vader’s was destroyed or missing or whatever generally happened to it, so Anakin’s was the next best thing. But that just doesn’t make sense to me.

What does make sense, is that when they were training, Rey was given Luke’s (Anakin) lightsaber, because Luke decided that it was fit for her.

Now if you look at it through Ben’s point of view, he already feels angry and unloved from his parents, but now he isn’t even given the family lightsaber? He was the first born, shouldn’t that be his?

That theory also explains why when Rey touches it, she get’s her vision of that fateful night. (And why Kylo decided to make his own lightsaber.)

So when he is screaming “that lightsaber belongs to me!” he means it because he actually believes that it should be his.

In conclusion, I’m pretty dead set on Rey being a Solo.

YO SAMMMMMEEEE @buckyonthelam

I don’t agree 100%, but this is a DAMN good theory. Nicely done.

Not sure I buy it.

Because Anakin’s saber was lost. How did Luke get it back to give to Rey? It makes much more sense that it was retrieved by somebody else…

Other than that it does solidly explain how she could be a Solo.

So, this got me thinking.  I feel like trying to keep track of the number of lightsabers that Anakin loses is one of the things that keeps Obi-Wan up nights when Anakin is his Padawan.  *snerts*  Especially given how many kyber crystals he must waste that way.  😛  So, tracking it down may be equally futile, but… in that last battle on Mustafar, Obi-Wan picks up Anakin’s lightsaber and takes it with him after defeating Anakin.  That’s the one he gives to Luke in A New Hope.  Luke lost that lightsaber (and a hand along with it -.-;;;) in Cloud City after the duel with Darth Vader in ESB.  Luke then constructs his own lightsaber between ESB and RotJ.  
Presumably that one is the lightsaber that Luke carries to this day.

From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki:

The lightsaber fell into the bowels of the city, where it was recovered and found its way into the hands of the pirate Maz Kanata.

I don’t remember if they actually state that explicitly in TFA since I’ve only seen it twice, but that seems to be the explanation they’re going with.  And if that’s true… then you’re right.  Luke wouldn’t have had that lightsaber to give to Rey to train with.  Unless Maz lent it out and then took it back. 

…now I’m having visions of Maz running a lightsaber library.  Can you imagine the late fees?

And I bet half her stock are lightsabers that Anakin lost.  ;D

HAHAH YES! I love that. I accept that headcanon wholeheartedly full on yes please.



okay so you know that bit where victor hugo calls combeferre out for being all “maybe don’t die on the barricades today because the women in your life would be sad and also probably end up on the streets or something because 19th century french society sucks for everyone but women especially” while making no plans to do anything but die on the barricades that day?

is that also callback callout for the fact that the song he sings after his beautiful beautiful marius smackdown three years earlier is all about picking his mom over glory and war and all that shit or is that just some kind of bonus hypocrisy/irony?

I think there is a certain amount of Combeferre’s narratively-noted “hypocrisy” in it?  But then again, Combeferre’s not doing this for War and Glory; Combeferre calls their coming deaths sublime, but that’s different than the sort of Glory he’s talking about with Marius.  Combeferre won’t get to attain history, he won’t live to see medals and parades and a rise in his station through valor in combat. His battle is important and that makes it sublime, but I don’t think he’d call it that if it didn’t also strike him as horrible, because….well, Because Romanticism, basically, and that’s what it takes to be Sublime–extremes together, ideal and horror at once. 

And in a way, he’s doing it for his mother, too, at least the metaphorical one he shares with Enjolras–and more broadly for women in general (and I think with Combeferre he IS politically concerned for women particularly, as that chapter shows). 

So…I think  yes and no and also I’m about to start crying about Combeferre again??