There’s a never-ending number of reasons why the latest chapter of “Sailing By Orion’s Star” is stunning, and one of them is that @kcrabb88‘s portrait of Cosette is a precious cinnamon roll too good for this world too pure that made me smile SO MUCH (which is good because some of the other reasons that made me love this chapter also made me cry A LOT but it’s ok I’ll just stay here with my feels).

Eeeeeee she is SO LOVELY. Her expression is wonderful and looks full of curiostiy for life and the background is so suited to her bright personality and she looks just as I imagined her in my head! Her CURLS THOUGH. Cosette IS a cinnamon roll and I can’t wait to write more of her. 

*blushes* I’m SO happy you liked the chapter. 😀 (Also nice Hamilton reference in the tags I am honored). 

Aaah thank you!!! I might have got a bit too enthusiastic with drawing her hair (…oops?). I can’t wait to read more of her! 😀