reasons people think Padme and Leia are alike:

  • both were royalty
  • both served in the Senate
  • both females
  • ‘like mother like daughter’

reasons people think Anakin and Luke are alike:

  • both become Jedi
  • both excellent pilots
  • use blue lightsabers (????)
  • ‘like father like son’

reasons Luke is actually meant to mirror Padme in the story:

  • he is the one to have faith there is good in Anakin
  • Padme and Luke have similar control over their emotions
  • both stubborn once they have their mind set on something
  • in the end his faith in Anakin saves him, the way Padme’s would have

reasons Leia is more similar to Anakin:

  • she is angry
  • like all the time; Carrie Fisher even said she played Leia as barely restraining her anger most of the time
  • she’s impulsive
  • she would probably win a snark-off against Clone Wars era Anakin and that’s saying something
  • have a similar sense of duty; Anakin to the Jedi, Leia to the Alliance