apparently there’s a dude in Canada who has about 150 sled dogs, and every year in the fall, a group of about 7 polar bears come by and play with the dogs – like, literally, they play together and mock-fight and cuddle and just hang out – before the polar bears go up north when the bay freezes to hunt for seals. and they come back every year.

if that wouldn’t make an amazing animated movie I don’t know what would.


Courfeyrac and Feuilly ♛: Sharing a dessert ? ^_^ (Can be platonic or romantic, whichever you prefer. ^_^)


“Will y’all be having dessert today?” the waitress asked as she cleared their plates.

Courfeyrac smiled expectantly across the table at Feuilly, who tried not to blush.

“Nothing for me,” he said, turning his own polite smile up at her.

“Blasphemer,” Courfeyrac stage-whispered, grinning at the waitress when she laughed.  “I’d like the churros, please.”

Feuilly felt a twitch of wanting; he hadn’t had churros in years, but even being in a sit-down restaurant was a splurge.  Dessert would be overdoing it.

“I saw that,” Courfeyrac said, and Feuilly could feel his stomach sinking.  “Come on, you so want some.  Treat.  Yo.  Self.”

“N-no,” Feuilly insisted.  “I’m really too full, honest.  I’d never be able to finish them.”

“Fine, fine.  You can have some of mine.”

“Oh, that’s really not –” Feuilly sputtered as the waitress made her way back to the kitchen.

“I insist!” Courfeyrac said grandly.  “A good meal just isn’t complete unless you round it out with something sweet.”

Feuilly ducked his head and stifled a series of embarrassing thoughts about Courfeyrac’s presence more than adequately filling the position of “something sweet.”

“Only because you ordered churros,” he relented.

“That’s the spirit!”

nonsexual intimacy prompts





Okay, so a fic where Harry finds out that his animagus is a tiny little black kitten, and he’s all like, ‘shit son, this is my chance to stay out after curfew’ but then he’s out one night, and McGonagall finds him and immediately knows it’s him, and just picks him up by the scruff of his neck to deliver his naughty ass back to G Tower while Harry meows at her in indignation.

okay but this is so adorable

I can only see this