My buddy read an article about octopus intelligence. It was feeding time, and the handler dumped some shrimp into an octopus’ tank. Then he went into another room and sat at his desk.

A while later, a shrimp was tossed onto his desk.

The octopus, upon finding one bad shrimp in the lot, had grabbed it, escaped its tank, crossed the hall, and threw the expired shrimp at its caretaker. Not only does this showcase their problem-solving capabilities, but also that it could have escaped at any time. It just broke out this time to chuck an off shrimp in indignation at its handler. That’s not just intelligence, that’s a human-like reaction. Kinda make you wonder exactly how smart these guys can be…


I went to the aquarium once and we had a tour and we walked past the octopus tank and it was duct taped shut so I asked why and the guy was like. “Well, we had a problem before because these fish were disappearing randomly at night and we had no idea why. Turns out the octopus had memorised the night guards rounds and would creep out of its tank, crawl across the floor to the fish tank, have a little snack and be back in its own tank with the lid shut before the guard came back.” they are super smart

I love octopuses so, so much.


I am both delighted and FUCKING TERRIFIED.

Once I went to the aquarium where they had a baby pacific red octopus in a tank. I had gone there to work on a few real life sketches, obviously I wanted to do one of an octopus. So I kinda just kneeled in front of the tank, and started sketching. The octopus didn’t mind, he sat happily. Then, 5 minutes later, he started moving to the front of the tank, where I was. This tiny octopus faces me directly and starts posing. I don’t know how other to explain it but he started curlung his tentacles in this really graceful way then wouldn’t move for a few minutes. Then again, a new pose. That tiny cute motherfucker knew I was drawing him.


Joly Has a Cold

Marius: Barius Pontbercy
Grantaire: Grandaire
Joly: Doey [doughy]
Bossuet: Bo-way
Enjolras: Ahn-o-ras
Combeferre: Gomberre
Courfeyrac: Gourbeyrag
Bahorel: Ba’rel
Jean Prouvaire: Jean Proubaire
Feuilly: only person whose name Joly can pronounce, the lucky duck.

Courferre AU stuff


They’re neighbours and haven’t properly met. One day, Courf comes home devastated because of a bad date and cries for hours against his wall, until a little knock at the door makes him open it, just to find that stupidly hot neighbour handing him biscuits very awkwardly and muttering “I heard you weren’t OK so… you know…” and it’s just too much to handle for poor little Courf’s heart. As soon as he has taken the biscuits, Ferre disappears in his own apartment because this nerd is so ridiculously shy.

Anyway, the biscuits make Courf feel a lot better and on the next day, he passes a note under Ferre’s door to thank him. Ferre answers the same way, and they spend an awful lot of time communicating together like this, until they give each other their phone number, and until they finally decide to have a proper dinner together even if they’re too … blind to realize it’s an actual fucking date.

Do not mock Courf for spending 4 hours choosing his outfit, because Ferre needed 7.

Absolute fluff ensues.



No Enjolrases were harmed in the making of this image. 

oh no I’m cackling, his expression is so perfect! Who did the ponytails, though?