So as some of my friends may have heard, we are moving out of state before the end of the month, since after losing my job we can’t afford next month’s rent and it’s just not feasible to try to get to our feet in a place with such high cost of living. Funds are a little short, so I’m offering TAROT READINGS–simple questions for $3, Celtic crosses (which are good overall life situation readings) for $5. A hell of a deal! You can message me on here, or e-mail me at Reblogging helps too! Thanks you guys


Locked out of your account?






Tumblr not willing to help you? What else is new!

So if you’re locked out because, like me, you’ve been in this flower decorated shithole for such a long time that the email you used got terminated by Microsoft and, like me, do not wish to lose the blog you’ve spent years on and “simply make a new one” like our dearest staff suggests, here’s an easy fix!

Get this swell trick–

Your account was terminated, right?

So logically speaking, the email is no longer used, right? Catching on yet? 

Yeah, just make a new email with the same exact address as the one you used on for your blog!

You’ll be able to receive the reset email no problem. Yay!

@kitsiinabox ?!????!!!!!

It WORKED IT WORKED, bless you!!





So, the other day I saw a post (I think it was @thehumantrampoline’s?) about name pronunciation in the original SW trilogy and it made me wonder if I’d been getting it wrong all along (for the record, I say Hahn and LAY-uh). Having just finished rewatching A New Hope, here’s the verdict:

Han Solo
Hahn: x4 (including his own introduction of himself)

LEE-uh: x2 (General Tarkin and the Rebel base commander)
Carrie: x1 (Luke) – my favorite line flub of any movie ever, BTW. ;D

Well… I was half right? ^_^

I’ll keep you posted as I work my way through the other movies. ^_^

I’m seriously intrigued that you’re hearing it Hahn?? like I remember the first time I noticed it I went “they keep saying it like Ann!!” and the person I was with was like “no way, that’s not–wait YOURE RIGHT” and now I wonder if there’s a bit of projected regional accent at work????

Could be! But I’m definitely hearing it as Hahn. And I FINALLY found a part in ESB where Leia introduces herself (when they get to Cloud City), and even though everyone else has been pronouncing it LEE-uh, she just introduced herself as LAY-uh, and Lando repeats her pronunciation. Now, THAT is interesting!